The Too Human Side of Denis Dyack, Part 2

Crispy Gamer tracked down Silicon Knights President Denis Dyack post-GDC get details about the development of Too Human and more; read on for Part Two of the interview.

Crispy Gamer: Originally Too Human was going to be a five-disc PlayStation game, then it was moved over to GameCube, and now its final spot is on the Xbox 360. How has the original vision fared throughout the years?

Denis Dyack: I think the themes about technology still resonate strongly within the game itself. Beyond that, it's metamorphosed several times, and what it is now is the result of the collaboration between Microsoft and Silicon Knights. The online play, the idea of the trilogy and the online hunting and gathering were pillars that really worked well with Microsoft's Live and the way that the online functionalities worked on the Xbox 360. So, we took the concepts that we had in our previous incarnations of Too Human and molded in -- I'd say perfectly for the 360 and in a way that really took advantage of the faster hardware -- all the things we could to tell a story.

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