Persian Prince Favored For Prince Of Persia Role

Kotaku via has gotten their hands on a the results of a worldwide casting survey performed for the role of Prince Dastan in Jerry Bruckheimer's upcoming Prince of Persia movie, and from the questions asked and the audience reaction it certainly looks like there is a clear front runner.

Both international and U.S. audiences overwhelmingly favored David K. Zandi, motion picture executive, actor, champion equestrian, model, and honest to goodness Persian prince. One of the last male members of the Zand dynasty (1747 - 1779), David has also studied both fencing and Roman sword fighting in England, so the only way he could be better suited for the role is if he actually possessed control of the Sands of Time, which I am not completely ruling out at this point. Zandi beat out the likes of Cilian Murphy, Orlando Bloom, and Zac Efron in the audience poll, conducted between January 2005 and June 2007.

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Hentai3721d ago

He does have the face of a prince.

MK_Red3721d ago

Wow, awesome. A real Zand prince. Wow. Persians FTW!

Noodlecup3721d ago

and not some talentless prettyboy like Tom Cruise

Gam713721d ago

Oh please pick him.

Imagine a game based film thats BASED on the game and also has some connection to real life.

Tsalagi3721d ago

Who ever even suggested him for the role needs their a$$ beat.

MK_Red3721d ago

How on earth is he going to be Prince? Plus, Dastan is a real Persian name and suits this David dude the most.

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The story is too old to be commented.