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Next-Gen: Traditional Controls Still 'A Big Bottleneck'

"I was never really satisfied with Kinect, it feels too sloppy, too imprecise. The idea of having to learn these 16-button controllers too, feels like a big bottleneck." (Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

Chaostar  +   766d ago
PS Move made a pretty decent alternative to the mouse in RTS games like Ruse. Combine that with the touchpad on DS4 and you have a precise but simple setup ready to go as well as traditional controller configuration.
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thezeldadoth  +   766d ago
so how do you plan on using the PS Move and the DS4 at the same time? I just don't see how that would be even remotely close to intuitive in any way.
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isarai  +   766d ago
Just like a Wiimote and a Nunchuck? the only half you need is the left half, everything on the right half is already on the move controller
deafdani  +   766d ago
You just grow one extra hand, of course. Silly you.
travelguy2k  +   766d ago
the dual shock 4 has the PS Move light on it so technically its built in. You would not need to hold both to have the functionality of both.
Chaostar  +   766d ago
What travelguy2k said, the Move input is built into every single DS4 and with an upgraded camera it will be even more accurate.

Obviously I meant use the DS4 as the move controller not use both a Move controller and a DS4, that would be redundant and just plain silly.
violents  +   766d ago
The whole point of the DS4 controller is it combines the move and a regular controller with a small touchpad. The lightbar on the front and dual cameras on the console will act just like the move controller and ps eye. It supposedly has a more advanced gyroscope mechanism inside to provide more accurate movement tracking. So you will already be using both at the same time.

Guess I should have read more, some others already said what I said.

OOO, and then the ps4 is supposed to have greater integration with the vita so if you have a vita too that could result in even more control options.
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3-4-5  +   766d ago
Solution....The PS4 Mouse Pad 3000
thezeldadoth  +   766d ago
even still. You're talking about point and click RTS, with a two handed controller. Pointing with the controller and clicking is just not intuitive. I understand you are hopeful and obviously love sony, but be realistic.
hesido  +   766d ago
Well, PS4 does have a touch pad. Also, instead of pointing and shooting, the position of your controller may be represented on screen as a selector and you could your controller slighty to move the selector... I'm just brain storming in my couch.
thezeldadoth  +   766d ago
its good to brainstorm for new ideas with a new controller concept like the PS4, i'm not against that. I'm just saying that in the end you're still using a controller for an RTS, no screen on the touch pad, it will be at least functional, but awkward at best, in this genre.

The Wii-U gamepad would work better, still not perfect like mouse/keyboard, but it at least has a screen on it where you can visually see maps/units/upgrade menus or even the entire game itself.
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hesido  +   766d ago
I wasn't the disagreer, btw.

I don't understand how the touchpad would be awkward. People have been using touchpads on their laptops forever. Click / drag has always been a problem with older touchpads, but PS4's touchpad does a physical click, so there's that problem sorted.

Having a screen for the DS4 would be very pointless, as it would massively drive the controller price up while being useful only in a few scenarios. We'll have second screen and vita connection for those scenarios. If I want to be constantly looking at the controller to play the RTS game (which you would have to), there's really no point in playing it on the big screen anymore. We'll have Vita for that particular task.

correction to previous post:
*you could move your controller to...*
Jadedz  +   766d ago
The Wii U gamepad totally flew over their heads (both the interviewer and interviewee).

The Wii remote is great for RTS titles (because of its IR pointer).
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mochachino  +   766d ago
The Wii U Pad and DS4 track pad would be great RTS games
dedicatedtogamers  +   766d ago
I wish the Wii became more popular among core gamers. The waggle/tilt controls lost their luster after a while (even though it's still silly, brainless fun), but the thing they really should have pushed was the IR "pointing" ability of the Wiimote. I'm amazed that there was never an action RPG or strategy game or grid-based RPG that allowed you to simply "point and click".

Such a wasted opportunity.
PopRocks359  +   766d ago
Certainly not the controller's fault that developers could not figure out how to do anything creative with it. The best games that actually used its functionality were often from Nintendo themselves. With an HD system that's compatible, it begs the question why Starcraft II isn't getting a port (outside the obvious reason of a small install base).
The_Infected  +   766d ago
Maybe it's just me but I like the traditional controls with a few new welcome feature like the dualshock 4.
Snookies12  +   766d ago
I will ALWAYS be happy with traditional controls. New ways to control a game are "neat", but I find their novelty wearing off rather quickly before I'm ready to just go back to the good ol' analogs and face buttons.
ZoyosJD  +   766d ago
I think the touchpad on the dualshock 4 will be great for hotkeying weapons/bottom of screen weapon wheels or other various command inputs.

It could very well be more that just "neat", but an intuitive, useful mechanism that will also free up another traditional buttons role on controller.

At one time dual analog sticks was just a "new way to play games" too.

It's just a matter of if devs put it to good use.
miyamoto  +   766d ago
The touch pad on the DS4 can easily serve as a mouse or a track pad using one thumb and while the Dbuttons and the analog sticks can be used for navigation. the physical tactile feedback from the clicker will be more satisfying than a vibrating touch screen.

or you can use the built in gyroscope and accelarometer to move the DS4 in 3D space and function as a PS Move controller i.e. accurate intuitive sniping in FPS games

I am also happy Sony made the DS4 handles longer for large handed gamers to avoid the dreaded nintendonitis.

I can't wait to use this revolutionary controller!

I just hope Sony made it compatible with with the PS3 via FW update. then its gaming heaven!!!!
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Captain Qwark 9  +   766d ago
agreed. if it aint broke dont fix it. maybe add to it a little but a complete change, totally unnecessary
ps3_pwns  +   766d ago
yeah me to. nintendo needs to make games not controllers. when the numskulls learn this maybe they will finally be able to sell some wii u's but even then i doubt it because they have 56kb internet they use for the wii u online. maybe one day the will stop using fisher price online interfaces and step there game up. tired of the barney games they have on that system.
Droid Control  +   766d ago
i don't want new controls everytime i buy a car, why would i on anything that works well?

innovation should come from the software side of things
devilhunterx  +   766d ago
So you still driving a manual?
I'll take manual over automatic any day.
imchuckbass  +   766d ago
Because one is driving a car, which doesn't change, and the other is playing a computer game, which changes with almost every game

Godz Kastro  +   766d ago
I do agree with him but none of this will happen if people are against change. I see a lot of post where people say things like, "forget all this motion controil crap and give me a controller". Although i like the idea of Kinect I do agree it just didnt feel tight. If they increase the actual tech in the sensor then this could be used in "combination" with games. Not a replacement.

As I played Bioshock Infinte I thought how awesome would this game be with the oculus rift and kinect 2.0. A man can dream cant he?
WalterWJR  +   766d ago
Well I like the idea of kinect, the only problem is this technology is not ready yet and will only be viable to me in a full 3d environment with flawless interaction. Maybe 10/15 years time.
Jakens  +   766d ago
I had a silly idea of 6 cameras around your living room with ultra fine motor tracking and even eye movement tracking. It won't happen anytime soon but hey...I don't want that right now anyways.

Even if that 6 camera thing did happen today, I would still be sitting down when playing and not standing up. Because my tummy hurts.
Mr_cheese  +   766d ago
Controllers don't need to be drastically changed because the technology its being used for does not require it.

When I think of the far future of gaming, I imagine virtual reality, which in my head, has no controllers. gaming fantasy :(
LOL_WUT  +   766d ago
I'll choose traditional controllers over gimmicks any day ;)
XabiDaChosenOne  +   766d ago
PSMove, PSVita, DS4 pick your poison
Adolph Fitler  +   766d ago
They ain't no bottlenecks......All these other proven-to-be-frauds such as Kinect are the bottlenecks that need stamping out. I mean, they wasted 10's of millions of $$$ doing scientific studies on the relevance of Kinect, & it was proven to offer no advantages in ANY area it was lauded as the 2nd coming for. So, all these MS fanboys that spewed out the crap about how it was going to revolutionize the medical industry with more accurate surgery & such, as all proven by inhouse MS studies, to be absolute crap.

You cannot replace the traditional console gamepad.....I mean, it is the sole reason that console gamers exist, as if these controllers weren't the best, for us, then we would ALL just be pc gamers.

The only thing that can be done to improve console controllers, is to keep the gamepads evolving.....the analogue stick 1st introduced by MB's Vectrex machine, & then copied years later for the N64's controller, was a massive benefit to gaming, but it was missing a major thing, & that thing was what Sony introduced 1st with PS1's DS controller....a controller that was not the one that PS1 launched with, in fact it was several years after PS1's launch that it arrived. This controller was a response to N64's single analogue stick donning gamepad, the difference was huge, & it was the far more intelligent & logical inclusion of 2 analogue sticks on the gamepad....a feature that the effects really weren't truly felt until PS2's introduction, due to the massive PS1 AAA back catalogue of non-dual analogue stick compatible titles. I mean, it wasn't really until the end of PS1's gen that the DS1 was introduced. And, truth being, I don't think developers had a grasp on what to do with it until a couple of years after release, as only a few titles showed the benefits of twin analogue sticks, the pick of the bunch being new IP Ape Escape.

So, on saying that, little evolutionary steps to enhance gamepads with every gen. is all that is needed. I mean, we got the analogue stick, then the twin sticks, then the analogue buttons, we now have triggers, & now we shall see if these (slightly useless looking) touchpads do anything to enhance PS4's gameplay....& if not, tough sh1t, as the DS4 is just an enhanced DS3 anyhow, that's improvements in the analogue stick shapes & the trigger button enhancements are enough for me anyway, & if the touchpads are crap, they will just be another sixaxis experiment that won't be used after 12-18 months anyhow.
MasterCornholio  +   766d ago
I dont mind if these firms come out with more innovative control schemes but what i will not tolerate is when they try to eliminate the classic controller design.

This is the main reason why i detest the Wii U because Nintendo replaced a regular controller with a Nintendopad (Nintendos version of an iPad but with physical controls). I know the pro controller exists but there are some games on the Wii U that dont even support it.

But in the end this is just my preference and i respect the many people who enjoy the Wii Us unique control scheme.
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cyclindk  +   766d ago
All I know is, that the touch pad on the front of the PS4 remote will allow for very easy scrolling through on-screen menus/options/device/tools bars. Shooters, quick scrolling through all your items and things.

All without having to look down at the controller itself.
DragonKnight  +   766d ago
This is the guy that created The Sims and Sim City. He's a PC guy. He has no right, or reason, to be talking about console controllers. Change KB/M first and then talk.

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