So how did Defiance the show connect with Defiance the game?

GameZone writes, "Last night was the premiere of Syfy's new original series, Defiance. This show is a companion piece, or vice versa, to the game Defiance, taking place in the same universe, during the same timeline. Before the show aired, it was unclear exactly how the game would meld these two mediums together and how they'd interact, but the Pilot episode certainly hinted at how it all comes together."

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UnHoly_One1739d ago

I thought the show was surprisingly good, actually.

I'll keep watching it for sure.

cleft51739d ago

I actually liked it and I don't watch tv normally.

Heisenburger1739d ago

I agree. I think it was very wise to go with a two hour premier.

It felt like an event, for lack of a better word. I let the cgi slide because it's the pilot. I'm just relieved that the show and the game are both things that I can get invested in.

Fun times ahead!

Parapraxis1739d ago

Glad i'm not the only one who thought the CGI was pretty crap.

nolifeking1739d ago

A two hour premiere with more commercials than show.
I will continue watching though.

3-4-51739d ago

really? I saw there was a 2 hour special on last night but it was already half way into it, and I'm not about to start a series not from the beginning.

bluetoto1739d ago

They showed it 3 times back to back to back, sucks you couldn't catch it.

Belking1739d ago

I liked the show. It's has a few hot women and that's all you need.

CJDUNCAN1739d ago

the show was dull so far, but it has promise. Maybe if I had the game I could get more of the backstory

ironcreed1739d ago

Liked the show as well. Decided to hold off on the game, but will be buying it soon. Flawed for sure, but still very fun.

Ron_Danger1739d ago

You should've gotten it day one. Everyone who did got a weeks worth of paid boosters from Trion just for playing it.

ironcreed1739d ago

Looks like I missed out. But better late than never, I guess.

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