A pair of new PS3 bundles outed?

Two new PlayStation 3 bundles could be making their way to North America soon. Both products, which were discovered on Newegg, are expected within the next couple of months.

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irokster2070d ago

All these late bundles just get me more pumped for the PS4 release...

aceitman2070d ago

Price drop coming 199. Without plus.

GamerElite2070d ago

price is already 199 at some stores

XXXL2070d ago

I'll wait till black friday when they'll be on the cheap

Skate-AK2069d ago

Hopefully for the buyers the GT5 is the XL Edition.

FamilyGuy2069d ago

A year of PS+ with the system for $250 is a great deal, no need to buy a bunch of games right away. The 250Gb included hard drive is a disappointment in that model though. Anything that comes with a year of ps+ should have a 500Gb hdd.