A Conversation With Sumthing Else Music Works: Saving Gaming's Singular Musical Footprint.

8bitfix writes:
It's the day after Christmas 1988..This is Texas, and even winter temperatures aren't enough to break my dependence on the the many oscillating fans humming in my face. I have just spent eight uninterrupted hours with my new Nintendo Entertainment System. I am lying there in bed, my brain momentarily made hollow by the day's lengthy commitment to flashing patterns and polygon villains bleeping poorly translated two-syllable taunts at my character who sadly, can jump, kick and punch, but no combination of the three.
I am spent, but the synapses keep firing as they replay the music from the NES title Kung-Fu. I can hear it coming from inside the fans, literally on the air. I couldn't sleep, so I did what anybody would do. I purged the sensation. I got up, grabbed my small stereo and a microphone, turned on the NES and recorded Kung-Fu's stunted, miniature score. It was here that I realized I needed video game music. I would need it forever.

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