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G4MERS: "Injustice Gods Among Us is without a doubt the best fighting game I have ever played. Developers do not take our word for saying that the story will play an important role in the game. I think he is the most important storyline for Injustice, and that's good, because so far the story in a fighting game was rather what is the single player first-person shooters. Time for a change, and Injustice has shown that it is possible."

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crazysammy2044d ago

I would agree this game has a story, but that's about it. IMO it was not very interesting.

This is still one of the worst fighting engines I have ever played. MK has terrible animations and this game is a copy paste of those same terribly slow and awkward looking combos.

The DC license makes this game tolerable and there is fun to be had here but it is in NO WAY moving the fighting genre forward. I might argue that it takes fighting games back a step or two, but I don't care enough about this game to bother.

Obviously it is your opinion, and if you liked the game that much good for you. However I had a negative experience with it and I think most other people will too.

antz11042044d ago

What was your experience based off? Demo? Actual game?

I own it and I think it deserves the score. Great story, the tempo of the fights is well thought out and the new interactable environments is a great addition.

crazysammy2043d ago

I played the full retail. I did get through the entire single player and thats what I based my thoughts on.

The DC part IMO saved this game, and the interactive environments and special moves were very cool.

I know people like this fighting engine, its just my opinion. I wanted to like it, I never like when I dont like a game, I wish I liked them all. :)