Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag ‘Will Have Some Surprises For Next-Gen Consoles’

X360: Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is in a unique position, but how will the current-gen and next-gen versions differ? Ubisoft answers a few of our questions.

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Dailynch2069d ago

But what will they be... WHAT!!!!!!???????

Conzul2068d ago

T'Would surprise me if they allowed offline play. Then I'll consider buying it.

Zechs342069d ago

Mybe itll be that the game wont be as disappointing as AC3

princejb1342069d ago

I actually liked AC3 ,more than the others AC games
However I didn't enjoy the ship battles very much thus ill probably not buy AC4 since it mostly involves pirates

LordOfAdmirals2069d ago

I played ac 1 anf got bored real fast. I bought ac3 thinking ill give it one more chance. I absolutly loved it! The graphicsare good. I loved the naval battles. A solid 8.5/10.

MilkMan2069d ago

This interview pretty much kills any possibility of selling this game for the current gen. OK, I'll wait until I have a PS4 or Next Box (DEPENDING on what they offer)

sarshelyam2069d ago

The mere existence of it doesn't kill the sales potential? Sure, most people probably won't mind either way, but I dropped my preorder on the PS3 version with the intent to roll it over to the PS4 version just as soon as it's made available.

Concerning all Fall releases, unless it only releases on current-gen platforms, I've pretty much checked out of this gen and into the next.

MilkMan2069d ago

Gonna have to agree with you there.

ILive2069d ago

Yep. Pretty much after last of us, grand theft auto, and beyond, this gen is pretty much over for me. Its been fun while it lasted; time to move on. I only make a maximum 5-6 purchases of games per year, buying them at the 30-40 bucks from amazon. I have god of war already. All that is left are the three I mentioned, and at most, two games for the ps4. A lot of money is going to be going towards this hobby this year because of the ps4. It will be good times this year by Gods grace.

FarCryLover1822069d ago

Larger draw distances, more enemies on screen, no jaggies, no framerate issues. I don't think this game will come close to utilizing next-gen power because from what I can tell, it's just a current-gen port.

phantomexe2069d ago

Don't change the fact it still looks really good and even if it looked like total butt, AC fans like myself would wait in line for it.

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