How Valkyria Chronicles Got Me Addicted to a Japanese Social Game

Kotaku: "Before last year I had never seriously played a social game. I was never interested in Bejeweled or Farmville (as the later just seemed to be a lazy version of Harvest Moon to me) or any other Facebook/mobile game.

Then last year I wrote about Valkyria Chronicles 3. If you have read those articles, you know it is safe to say I am a huge fan of the series. And so around that time, I picked up the social game in the series, Valkyria Duel. I played it for a few days, wrote about it, and then unlike the other mobile or social games I’ve dabbled in, I continued to play. For nearly six months I played."

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GamerToons2067d ago

Sooo... a slow day in the videogame world eh?

dasbeer882067d ago

Such a shame that the Valkyria Chronicles series wasn't popular here in North America. I was damn wishing VC3 would've been ported here, but the sales...

3-4-52067d ago

It will have it's day. It's the exact type of game this gen needs to experience. It's different yet good and that is going to be the new cool this gen...or at least I'm hoping.