Make It Again, Man

We all hate sequels right? Sequels suck. Why can't those idiots who make games come up with new ideas? All we get from companies like EA are the same game again and again. That's a bad thing right?

Or is it?

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MK_Red3541d ago

Actually it's not hating the sequels. In a way, this article is defending them.

Great find and read. Loved the Movies and do pray for a sequel. Didn't like Kudos or Democ... . Some great ideas though there is one place that sequels usually suck: Movies (Except for few examples like Godfather and hopefully, the upcoming Dark Knight).

znu3541d ago

a sequel is basically the story continued, or a new chapter with the same characters. It gives light on to whats happening afterwards. Developers CAN just stick to the same gameplay and go on with the story but this is their chance to make the game bigger and better! Although they could screw it up, they run the risk but a series improved is a better series

Harry1903542d ago

beyond good and evil2 please stand up.

Hatchetforce3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Wow. An article written by someone that has no talent to make a game and yet they attack game developers. I think it is fairly clear exactly who happens to be the real idiot.

What was the last game that the writer Cliff Harris developed? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Those that can, do. Those that can't write for a cheap ass website and attack individuals better and more talented than themselves. Hey Cliff Harris, you suck.

iAmPS33541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

You, mister Cliff Harris, is a pre-school retard. I will try to explain to your underdeveloped brain why they do what they do:

Sequels allow game developers to have kinda of a "fail proof" opportunity to make money, gamers liked the first game and they are more willing to spend their money on a sequel cause you expect to have the same fun.

That extra "guaranteed" money is most of the times used as a leverage to allow companies to risk and create more innovative and unique titles in the future.

So, you sick dumb a-hole learn something first before opening that filth stupid mouth of yours.

Don't bash what you don't understand.

games4fun3541d ago

they make sequels to movies they dont have to grab your attention all over again, all they have to do is build on the hype they provided earlier its just easier to market, and easier to sell someone on

look its a sequel to that thing you really liked only improved duh of course it will sell trying telling someone a completely new story that may fall apart, its also more fun for writers to build on stories that they know and love than spend twice the ammount of time coming up with something that may possibly be half as good.

as you can see everyone involved is happier also its a good way for developers to adjust what they were missing before rather than reinvent the wheel

the only people who complain are a tiny minority that hate seeing a story continued and are getting tired of it

Why do you think they are remaking indiana jones movie? instamoney

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