Next-gen consoles must ‘blow people away’ to succeed, says CD Projekt

EDGE: "The pressure is on PS4 and the next Xbox to dazzle games players after the rise of iOS and Android consoles, says CD Projekt’s Marcin Iwinski."

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FrigidDARKNESS2069d ago

So fsr from what i seen on the ps4 next gen games only look slightly better. There isn't any leaps and bound in gameplay and visuals.
Example, Watch Dogs looks slightly better than GTA 5 with similar gameplay (sandbox).

If next gen consoles dont provide us the leaps and bounds over current gen then console gaming will be in trouble. Consumers will not spend an extra 400:00 for a console to have slightly better graphics and visuals.

Baka-akaB2069d ago

that's a mediocre example Watch dogs isnt a next gen title . it will just be ported there for launch with a few new bell and whistle .

I dont even see how people arent blown away , besides the usual "pc master race" folks by what was shown .

if anything the usual "it's fake it's cgi" comments for stuff like Deep Down is a good indicator that it's very impressive so far

xPhearR3dx2069d ago

Nothing shown yet has been very "wow" or overly impressive. Sure, some of the next gen games look great, but nothing over the top like when the 360/PS3 was announced.

Baka-akaB2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

I completely disagree , it's ust the usual cynical forum dwellers being cynical .

I remember the exact same crap precisely with the 360/ps3 , against the general consensus , and pretty much all recent console launches and announces

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32068d ago

The only thing that has impressed me so far has been Deep Down.

ATi_Elite2069d ago

Eventually Next Gen Console graphics will look like BF3 PC Crysis 3 PC on HIGH. That's it nothing more! But dam that's friggin Awesome and impressive.

Optimize all you want but your not gonna take Laptop parts and a low/mid range GPU and all of a sudden pump out ULTRA at 1080p 60fps.

I'm not being a Elitist PC Gamer I'm just giving you the truth. I've done all I could with my HD6950's, unlock them to Hd6970's, Overclock them, Overvolt them but eventually they hit a wall especially with Engines adding more features.

I think I got enough specs and info on the PS4 to know what it's wall is and with DICE saying BF4 MP 720p to maintain 60fps on the Frostbite 3 then yeh we are seeing the wall.

So yes a Nice graphical Jump but nothing mind blowing cause you have already seen these graphics on PC.

Now fresh ideas and new art designs will be the Key to blowing Gamers minds and that I'm looking forward to!

Graphics aside Next Gen I want to see Bigger console games. I'm talking Open World, Travel from earth to Space and from Planet to Planet. I want more on screen enemies and MOST DEFINATELY want more complex A.I. and Gameplay.

With the power of the AMD APU's 8 cores, 7GB Ram, Devs BETTER make games bigger, better, and more complex.

The most important thing CD Projekt said was a Gamer Dev relationship. PC Gamers can give DIRECT input to DEvs while consolers do not have a voice.

Consolers Unite and stop letting Publishers muffle you. Consolers need to speak up for themselves and bypass publishers and let Devs know what they want.

PC Gamers have a Dev/Gamer relationship and Next Gen Consolers need to form a stronger Dev/Gamer relationship.

Happy Gaming all!

piroh2069d ago

did you ever play any console?

ZoyosJD2068d ago

The improvements in console game quality speaks for itself, all without ever having to change a setting.

I'm not surprised to hear you making it out that the confirmed as false RUMOR of BF4 being 720p was truth.

DICE hasn't confirmed anything besides there being a PS4 version.

The fact you state it as such shows your bias.

The 7850 which is confirmed weaker than the PS4 GPU could max out BF3 at 1080p with frames never dipping below 50.

Your such a wanna be elitist and you can't even make a proper comparison.

PS4 will be above "BF3 PC Crysis 3 PC on HIGH" day one.

ZoyosJD2061d ago

Capabilities of todays GPUs can be directly determined by FLOP count. Thats all they needed to confirm. It's all custom anyway, so they can't just say "hey were using a Radeon HD 7XXX card". It's on the APU, what are they supposed to compare it to.

It's GCN based, so it will contain CUs. FLOP count is directly proportional to frequency and CU count. At 860MHz and 18CUs, 1.84TFLOPS is spot on.

They played the demo live all of it confirmed as real time. That is denial right there.

Look who is talking about making crap up...the guy said the PS4 is going to use a "7790m" and produce games like KZ:SF:

Your an PC elitist that can't get the difference between mobile, desktop, and discrete straight; who doesn't know the coloration between CUs, frequency, and FLOPS.

I call out BS when I see it. If you want to go exist on some other site where I don't then then be my guest. The red boxed X is in the top right corner.

Mr_Writer852069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

The graphics we have now are fine.

I want AI, story telling, physics, and animation to be improved over graphics.

Looking amazing didnt save Crysis from having awful AI, a paper thin story and bland gameplay.

DeadlyFire2069d ago

We have yet to see a PS4 game really. Everything shown so far has been demoed on a PC or an early kit. Even so Infamous, KZSF, and Auto Club look amazing. Take Project Cars as an example of something we could see happen on the system.

While PS4 might be aiming for 2 Tflops its bandwidth is likely set to match up to 2.5-3.0 Tflop cards.

PS4 is unlike any other as well with HLSL and digging up the APIs that exist to program directly to the hardware as a goal for the system. Though that might take awhile to get to fully.

Yes it will hit a wall at some point, but that's when you create new visual tricks to fill in for the wall effect. Either way we should get an amazing effect at E3 from all the presentations of what PS4 will be capable of doing.

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KrisButtar2069d ago

They(next gen) really have to bring their A game as I am not impressed yet with any facts or rumors I have read. The 2 things that I have read that are the most important to me is,

1)720 will have an add-on for BC, Sony could learn something from that.

2)PS4 allows a someone to take control of your game to beat a level/boss/etc without having to be there.

Everything else(rumors of facts) about next gen really doesn't have me wanting to buy at launch. I'm sure witcher 3 will be great but I'm not going out to buy a system for just that. No next gen stuff has really put me into the "hype"

Ducky2069d ago

Alright, we'll attach a leaf blower next to the CD tray.
What next?

Now don't tell me you want next-gen consoles to suck people in too.

panbit862069d ago

The thing is that new consoles should also avoid focusing on useless fancy gimmicks that pretend to be next gen. The "wow-factor" when it isn't a meaningfull addition just doesn't last... trying to reinvent the wheel isn't the way to go. Significant improvements in basic hardware areas at the hands of talented developers can give huge important rewards in both visuals and gameplay that can blow people away in the right way!

MonkeyNinja2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

So, when next-gen consoles are here, gamers have a choice:

-Buy 720 and/or PS4 (which means new games/experiences)
-Buy a PC and play multi-plat games

Steam is big, but not as big as consoles. And tablets are big, but gaming on tablets is a VERY different experience than on consoles/PC. So either people will buy a PS4/720 for ~$400-$500 or they'll play on PC (which means they either have a high-end PC or have the $ to buy one) or they'll just play on tablets alone forfeit console/PC gaming altogether. I don't think there's going to be an issue.
But then again, if SteamBox is affordable, and Valve plays their cards right, THEN Sony/Microsoft might be in trouble.

Edit: I think WiiU is doing somewhat bad because the games aren't there, I don't think WiiU's sales are a good representation of next-gen's future performance.

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