Sony: We know PS4's launch date

Sony has already settled on the date it intends to launch PlayStation 4, the platform holder has suggested.

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Ezz20131618d ago

What?!! way!!...impossible!! 0_0 /s

FamilyGuy1618d ago

All these jokes, they didn't have a set date before, only an intended release window.

It's kind of important that they know it now, that means it won't slip to next year. They also know the price that they're going for but will adjust that to keep it competitive with whatever price mircosoft announces their system to be.

sengoku1618d ago

start that production processes and have em ready.
hopefully world wide launch this year

DarkZane1618d ago

Not hopefully, it was already said it would launch this year.

Peppino71618d ago

Late October to mid November is my guess.

DragonKnight1618d ago

Wait wait wait... you mean nVidia doesn't know? They seem to know everything about the PS4, I could have sworn that they would be the first ones to know. Wow. *mind blown* /s

aCasualGamer1618d ago

"Sony know PS4's launch date"

..well, do you mind sharing that information?

GuyManDude1618d ago


It's been said that the PS4 would launch this year, but it hasn't been confirmed for all territories. It was suggested in February that the Europe launch might not come until 2014. Hopefully that's not the case.

3-4-51618d ago

Exactly. This means they have the final build/model for the Case of the PS4. We will soon find out what it looks like.

Soon could also include E3.

sikbeta1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Corporation knows the launch date of its new product!!!!!!!


Septic1618d ago

Aaaaand when I said late November this year as a likely release date, I got spammed by a jillion disagrees. Well, I'm going to lay back and smile as today, I have won the internet.

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sourav931618d ago

It's gonna launch on the 17th of October 2013.

Om3ga3701618d ago

Okay, this is literally the coolest in-game hint ever if this is true! Naughty Dog is seriously an amazing company, and I simply cannot wait until The Last of Us! :3

1OddWorld1618d ago

True or false that was very cool. Nice comment

zeee1618d ago

Nice catch Sourav!!!! I wish it were true and that this were an epic in-game hint!

cl19831618d ago

@battleaxe 8pm maybe the official line start, but it'll be a midnight launch.

dontbhatin1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

10 17 BRICK SQUAD!!!

Well considering launches are usually on tuesdays right? Well the 17th is a thursday.

nirwanda1617d ago

In england they should launch on the 25th of the month, as for most working people it's pay day and more likely to attract an impulsive buy.

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bunt-custardly1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

This article completely undermines the intelligence of the reader. Then having avid supporters coming here and defending the article just comes across as patronizing.

VG took a quote from Edge and turned it into something that is profound and pathetic to gain hits from the N4G audience.

Sony is a massive company made up of many bright and influential individuals who study and know the markets. To suggest that Sony only knew the release date in the last few months (internally) is laughable. Sony has a game plan and this article suggests they are a bunch of buffoons.

To add, state the bloody obvious why don't you!

nirwanda1617d ago

It's not laughable at all, until all the parts are final especially the apu nobody knows a concrete launch date.
It's actually a very good sign if true that production is going well if they now have a firm launch date planned because they will now have a good idea how many per day they are producing and how many get binned.

kamakaz3md1618d ago

i get ur joke, but with sony they never really know wtf there doing lol, i cant wait for ps4 tho

Sitdown1618d ago

Great.... now can they let me preorder it.

IAmLee1618d ago

According to an interview the Sony CEO had with 'The Sun' Newspaper, it will be released October this year and will cost £300..

dontbhatin1618d ago

Link or it didn't happen. Newspaper always has a internet version.

IAmLee1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Apparently it was just added on by the author, my bad, but that is why I said "Apparently."

dontbhatin1616d ago

You actually said "According" but i get what you mean.

BABY-JEDI1618d ago

I guess if your going to launch something, it's good to know the date. Believe it or not. This can save some confusion!

Psn8001618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

I bet America will be first but why can't they do a world wide launch because I want a Ps4 now .

showtimefolks1618d ago

great tell us E3 can't get here soon enough, and i am not excited for E3 because of ps3 i am more excited for it because around E3 comes the last of us

getaway reboot
last guardian

5 games i would like to see at E3

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MaideninBlack1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Whew. That's a relief. /s

Blaze9291618d ago

smdh this really got approved?

GreenRanger1618d ago

I know what color my green socks are.

Fil1011618d ago

How do you know that his socks are green.

BrunoM1618d ago

There's nothing that can backpack the green socks link to source or we will take the "green socks" with a pinch of salt

LackTrue4K1618d ago

I hate all thiz rumors!!!
Release date/ the color of your green socks (green
I need a link!!

G20WLY1618d ago

...And are you gonna tell us?

Don't keep us in suspenders :P

Ezio20481618d ago :P
Bubble mate. ;)

dredgewalker1618d ago

Does this also mean the pink ranger wears pink underwear?

imsocool12341618d ago

I know what the color of your PS4 will be :P.

Om3ga3701618d ago

You can have any color, as long as it's black.

HappyWithOneBubble1618d ago

The color of your green socks is just a rumor.

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dcortz20271618d ago

And I know when I will be purchasing mine, when it is released :)

Jakens1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Wait, are we still talking about socks?

Edit: On topic: The time can't come soon enough. I still would go for late October if I were them.

DarkBlood1617d ago

yeah at least it wont be fricking cold in the waiting lines lol