IGN: Toy Home Expansion Pack Review - "We're serious. It's back"

IGN writes: "Hey, remember Toy Home? Of course you don't. You didn't buy this game. Nobody did. There are barely 400 names on one of the course leaderboards and just under a thousand on another.

Annnnyway, this $10 PlayStation Network title that was originally released in January has returned with a $7 expansion pack -- called Toy Home Expansion Pack -- containing three new game modes, four new stages, a multiplayer bump and six new cars.

Finally, Sixaxis remains the only method of control for your vehicles, and I wish that wasn't the case. No, I don't hate motion control, but I do hate falling off tight turns while I'm trying to climb a set of ramps and get to my final objective. It happened more than once, and it's because you can't corner tightly by turning your hands. Most of the time, you have a large area to work with, so the controls never feel too bad, but when it gets to crunch time -- like driving over a thin bridge -- they're sure to piss you off."

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