Bioshock Infinite, Thief on PS4 & Batman Arkham Origins: Official PlayStation Magazine podcast 47

OPM: Bioshock, Bioshock, Bioshock – if there’s a recurring theme to this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK podcast it’s a certain game whose name ends in Infinite. In this episode, Ben Wilson and the team discuss the game’s controversial ending, best and worst vigors, lasting legacy and much more. Elsewhere there’s a detailed look at Issue 83 cover game Thief, plus loads of talk about Batman: Arkham Origins, Skyrim DLC, and which games the team would take to a desert island with them.

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GribbleGrunger2068d ago

When was it announced that Thief was a PS4 exclusive?

avangerironman2068d ago

it's not exclusive :) day one for me on ps4

GribbleGrunger2068d ago

I meant on a console. They actually state that it's a PS4 (console) exclusive in the podcast and I can't remember hearing anything of the sort before. Or are they just talking 'timed' exclusive?

OlgerO2068d ago

@GribbleGrunger I dont think this is true, I follow this site very closely ( monitor all articles ) and have never heard anything about this. If it were true I shouldnt have been able to miss it