PS Official Blog: The Eye Of Judgement Set 2 Update

Playstation Blog writes: "We're back again for another round. The newest EYE OF JUDGMENT expansion is shaping up to be much deeper than I thought. Lately, I've spent many late nights designing crazy combos in my new decks.

So … some new info …

Different Races
Ok, if you were paying any attention to some of the comments on the first post, there were some hints of a new set of characters to enter the EOJ universe. Of course we will have new exciting additions to the current races, well, here they are - The Sacreds.


Finally, what most people are waiting for, the price … In the US, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT: Biolith Rebellion 2 (Expansion Set Two) download will be available on the PSN for $14.99 on March 27th."

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