Thief dev: Forget 'cool' PS4 specs - if it's boring, we've failed

Eidos Montreal producer Stephane Roy has called for developers working on next-gen consoles to be "smart" and ensure they use the additional power offered by PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's next Xbox to "support the gameplay" and "not just be impressive for the technical aspect".

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talisker2068d ago

Of course, good console specs don't guarantee all next gen games will be great. I even expect more mediocre stuff as new consoles will be easier to port and publish.

sengoku2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

off course console gamers are more interested in gameplay rather then the GFX, that's why we prefer consoles over PC in the first place

Smashbro292068d ago

The PC does better on both accounts.

decrypt2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )


90% games released are multiplats. Gameplay is the same in those titles. Rather PC has advantage of Mods. Hence stands a better chance of gameplay advantage, asides the obvious graphics advantage.

Check out mods on a game like Skyrim for example. You will see the console version isnt a shadow of what is happening on the PC version. Literally 1000's of mods, quests etc. Hell even the graphical mods for that game will put most games out there to shame, even though Skyrim stock was never a good looking game.

Then comes the exclusives. To be honest there are only a handful of those that really matter.

The ones that console gamers usually hype are 8 hour games that they probably wont even ever play again. Except 5 years on we keep hearing them chanting the same 8 hour games lol.

PC exclusives, are generally games that tend to last a long long time for example.

Total war, Dota, Counter strike. None of the games i just mentioned are known for graphics.

What they are known for is being different then the generic rinse and repeat games we find on consoles.


Rince and repeat is all what you get on consoles. Most of the time anyways. Nearly every shooter wants to be a COD clone, Year on year sports games with new roaster. Most games are so dumbed down its as if they were designed with 8 year olds in mind or people who are mentally handicapped.

Where do you think some of todays best ideas came from?

Portal, Counter strike, Dota, Dayz, Left4Dead, Teamfortress. All of them came to existance via the modding community. The same modding community Console makers despise. Since a modding community extends the lives of games. Unfortunately without a modding community developers dont want to be taking risks themselves. Hence all they do is rince and repeat.

Edit: 5 years on Portal, dota, CS are still relevant because people still play them and they still regularly get updated. When was the last time Uncharted 1 got an update? are you still playing that game?

Skips2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )


Are you talking about controllers vs m/k?

Because if you are, only for shooters, RTS, and MMO's of the like.

fighters, hack n slash, beat em ups, platformers, and open world imo, are much better suited for controllers than mouse and keyboard.

Nice thing about PC's though are that you can use controllers.


"Rince and repeat is all what you get on consoles."

Like those same boring MMO and RTS games that come out each year?

Would rather prefer games with good gameplay and AWESOME 8-10 hour stories than rinse and repeat FPS MP games and MMO's. XD

"Where do you think some of todays best ideas came from?"

"Portal, Counter strike, Left4Dead, Teamfortress."

But didn't you just say...

"Except 5 years on we keep hearing them chanting the same 8 hour games lol."

^^^ LMFAO! I like how you're using old a** games as examples and yet you bash on console gamers for doing it YET YOU ARE DOING THE SAME THING. XD

Wow dude, just WOW.

sengoku2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )


as a console gamer for me it's always about game play and ease of use.
the exclusives are just a added bonus.

i work on a pc all day long i know what i takes to build one and how to set it up to maximize performance.

in the end i would be spending more time tweaking a system installing mods and browsing the web while getting interrupted by mail en more work that for me i would only be play the game for 10mins before i would find something else to tweak or do.

sure it's cool to tweak a system and it give me joy but in the end i decided that it takes me away from playing the game.

that's what consoles do for me. plug and play no interruptions no tweaking no drivers no setup screen.

just sit there and enjoy

agree or disagree i could care less it's my personal preference and your entitled to your own.

Skips2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )


"5 years on Portal, dota, CS are still relevant because people still play them and they still regularly get updated."

Doesn't matter, still hypocritical to do so kiddo. Warhawk from 2007 still has players so your point???

"When was the last time Uncharted 1 got an update? are you still playing that game?"

Uncharted 1 doesn't EVEN HAVE MP, so fail on your part.


Because when they mention Uncharted 1 they are mentioning it as a good SINGPLAYER EXPERIENCE. LMFAO!

Do PC gamers mention OLDER A** singplayer games as if they still play the game??? HAHA, YEA! All the damn time! XD Goes both ways buddy.

reynod2068d ago

"Uncharted 1 doesn't EVEN HAVE MP, so fail on your part. lol"

Yet consolers will mention the game every time platforms are brought up. As if they still play the game lol.

papashango2068d ago

no offense but 90% of ps3 exclusives have no replay value.

M$ just lack exclusives in general.

PC exclusives like ARMA and Planetside 2. WoW, Dota 2 and LoL. You'll burn through thousands of hours here without doing it for trophies or achievements.

Of course you get the premier western RPG's like The Elder Scrolls and The Witcher with mod support tackling complete gameplay overhauls.

Skips2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )


"PC exclusives like ARMA and Planetside 2. WoW, Dota 2 and LoL. You'll burn through thousands of hours here without doing it for trophies or achievements."

LMFAO! Those are MULTIPLAYER GAMES buddy. I could easily say an Uncharted 2, 3 fan could easily burn through "thousands" of hours playing the MULTIPLAYER and COOP section with friends and replay the campaign MULTIPLAE times for Trophies and in game achievement. -_-

How the hell are you going to compare MP only games to the SP part of games? XD

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3-4-52067d ago

good to see a dev actually gets it.

Graphics are important, but I'm not watching a tvshow or movie, it needs to play good too.


I don't know... every Thief I played was pretty boring though I didn't play them until years after they released so they didn't have the same influence on me. This one looks good though so it might feed my klepto needs.

Salooh2068d ago

Nevertheless, This game gonna be fun. You see guys. It's them who don't use ps4 very well . Being honest won me :)

Typical-Guy2068d ago

I never played a Thief game before, I'm looking forward to this. Eidos Montreal developed Deus Ex HR which was a brilliant game, I'll believe in them.

Azfargh2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Finally, a developer that asked for inovation rather than perfecting more of the same!

Well... Wii was the perfect example of "Inovation VS Raw power"... Wii U otherwise, just a over-featured, dysfunctional monstrosity. The console printed money!

I´ve gotta say... the PS4 user interaction features are disappointing. The console is much otherwise: Great power, perfect hardware affinity, many gaming socialization features... but then, the controller was... hm... "that´s it?". Not the final design, yes, but rather disappointing never the less...

Even being a hardcore gamer from old-school consoles, this is getting stupid. I like gamepads but nowdays it´s clearly limited for both users and developers! It´s simply impossible to cross play well an FPS or RTS games from the consoles! This is two genres mostly discarted... and if it keep that way, new/other genres might be never release for PS4.

Ok, wanna keep the standard gamepad design? Fine! But make it significantly better! Why the heck not have a back-touchpad? Looks awesome on PSVITA! Why not a bigger front-touchpad? People with big, fat hands (or thumbs) will barely use it precisely! Second small screen on the controller might give many new gameplay features or improve the feedback response experience! I can think on more great features to make the ultimate controller with more pleasant design and functionality evolution for both hardcore and casual gamers, use the SONY semi-pro photographic cameras cheap components to low the production costs but an entire division from a International Corporation and its subsidiaries can only show that? And lets face it: the final design probably WON´T BE MUCH DIFFERENT FROM THIS PROTOTYPE. Clues? Developer kits has this controller... there are games being made thinking on that controller design, specs and features... making it too far from the standard design will probably destroy the gameplay and maybe the engine design of the game. And this is coming from a product designer very aware of the gaming market demand... developer and hardware market.

Play safe is aways a good move, but not too safe. They are gonna suffocate on they own fear.

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