Lost Planet 3 Fact Sheet Reveals Key Info

After a long period of time, there is finally some news concerning the newest addition to the Lost Planet series. The game has just been pushed back to a later date in the year and yet we haven't heard much about it since its announcement. Capcom yesterday however released a fact sheet showcasing some valuable information about the game and what is included within.

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kyon1471645d ago

I was never a massive fan on Lost Planet it was a good idea but I could never really get into the game all that much.

Hopefully this one is better

j-blaze1645d ago

"Hopefully this one is better"

i'm a fan, and from what i saw so far from this game it looks to be the worst in the series, i really hope it flops so Capcom never again outsource their franchises!

kratos1231645d ago

i am feeling you bro this game seems like such a bad game.
But that's what you get when working with spark

1645d ago
ninjahunter1645d ago

No sign of co-op it looks like. Well there went the reason for me to buy it.