Why the Wii U Might be Getting More 3rd Party Support than you Think

Ricard Julianti of discusses why the Wii U might be getting more 3rd party games than you think, even after the PS4 and Xbox 720 launch.

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hkgamer2068d ago

gave up reading half way through...

The title should be changed to 'How Ricard Julianti hopes the WiiU would get more 3rd party support'

3rd party support will happen for the wiiU, but they will most likely all be ports from 360/PS3. Not many 3rd party will be bothered to understand the WiiU's architecture completely. PS3 was a big pain in the ass already.

PeaSFor2068d ago

you didnt knew? N4g is all about taking BLOG as "news arcticles"

"Random Dude On The Internet Think This About That...."

thezeldadoth2068d ago

which for some reason is OK if it's a pro-sony article.

lilbroRx2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

I'm pretty sure this article is listed as an "opinion piece" and not "news".

Well, I'll let you get back to dismissing the authors opinion and the Wii U.

Heaven forbid that any positive beliefs be directed at the console.

Ck1x2068d ago

It just goes to show that reading is fundamental!
Its listed as an opinion piece...
Not news...
Got it...

Theyellowflash302068d ago

Yeah cause only big sites like IGN, Pachter, and Gametrailers should be allowed to voice their OPINIONS about gaming. Seriously dude, it's journalism.

LOL_WUT2067d ago

Sorry but i'm not giving your site a hit. As of right now this is far from being the truth. Articles like these should be saved for after E3 to see where the console stands at that point. ;)

Theyellowflash302067d ago

You don't have to wait to e3. Climax has development for games on the Wii U,PS4, and Xbox 720

Shin'en has two unannounced games for the Wii U

Indie developers are lining up to port games on the Wii U. Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, Batman Origins, Injustice Gods Among Us, Resident Evil, Deus Ex, all coming to the Wii U.

I don't need to wait to E3. If you read the article, you would know he didn't even mention one game or speculate at all.

SnakeCQC2068d ago

yh i heard cd projeckt and dice are all working on exclusive titles for the wiiu

SnakeCQC2067d ago

why the disagrees ? its true lol

paul19742068d ago

you lot need to go back to your mums cave! read that as you like trolls

GamingBuddha092068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

i think its not a question of if the Wii U will third party support, but more of when. the summer drought is only a months away and while the PS3, 360, and PC have a backlog that extends to last year to keep gamers busy. what will keep Wii U owners busy when they get tried of the first party games and the launch games? Monster Hunter isnt for everybody and why play ports of ME3, ACIII and Batman AC when they were already on other platforms? the Wii U needed support like months ago

BattleAxe2068d ago

Not to mention that a PS3 and an Xbox 360 are cheaper, and will both more than likely be getting price cuts very soon. Anyone who might have been looking at buying a Wiiu would be better served buying a PS3 or 360 which both have vast libraries of games at a far cheaper price.

The ports that the Wiiu is getting are also more expensive than the original versions on PS3 and 360. I think that the most recent Bonus Round was quite accurate when they were talking about the Wiiu, pretty much saying that it doesn't stand much of a chance when the PS4 and 720 are released.

I think its about time that certain people who are trying to analyze the industry, wake up and smell the coffee, instead of putting out fairy tale delusions that somehow the Wiiu is a worthy competitor against the PS4 and the 720, when it can't even compete with the PS3 and 360. It will appeal to hardcore Nintendo fans, but outside of that, the Wiiu is a console that is going nowhere fast.

Theyellowflash302067d ago


I'm going to start calling you Pachter Jr. You didn't even read the article did you?

Give me sources to where you heard "ports that the Wiiu is getting are also more expensive than the original versions on PS3 and 360"

Cause I think you're lying, or just making stuff up. Ubisoft said Wii U ports cost 1 million dollars. Most of the work is already done on the PS3 and Xbox 360, there is no fundamental way, a port, can cost more than the original.

Neonridr2068d ago

stop lumping AC3 in with the others, it launched 2 weeks prior on the 360 and PS3. Had the Wii U launched two weeks earlier, we'd all have been playing the game at the same time. Next thing you'll tell me is Black Ops 2 was an old port because it released one week prior on the 360/PS3.

MilkMan2068d ago

Very nice article.
Its speculative, but its based on hard research and data.
Thank you for a full article. It was a good morning read.

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