Sony begins PS3 game manufacturing in India

Initially, local manufacturing will be focussed on Sony’s first-party PS3 Essentials range. The first games to arrive in stores will be Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and God of War Collections 1 and 2.

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KingKelloggTheWH2045d ago

Wait so are they making games there,or distributing them?

Pandamobile2045d ago

They're manufacturing and distributing the game discs.

sinncross2045d ago

I think just distribution.

Swiggins2045d ago

Gotta love that cheap exploitable labor...

Every company in the world is going to end up in India eventually...

b_one2045d ago

they ship mostly for its own market, so its cheaper and faster. also they have thier own games developed there.

decrypt2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

"Gotta love that cheap exploitable labor..."

Its not good in the long term at all. Why do you think there is so much unemployment in the US and in Europe now?

Its because so many of the jobs got exported to the far east aka China and India.

Its also one of the reasons why the recession isnt ending and probably wont end for the foreseeable future(another 15-20years).

Reason being we hardly manufacture anything in the west any more. All we are doing is importing and taking on more and more debt.

abradley2045d ago

Too true. It seems the wealthy countries import while the poor manufacture. I wonder what that reminds me off? Rome anyone!

SolidStoner2045d ago

it seems no one is talking about it... but wasnt there something China VS Japan thing.. it seems all companies from Japan want to make everything everywhere except China!

And we all know country like India now is like China.. its just a huge cheap manufacturing plants.. and people willing to work for almost free!

but you know we are not to suppose to talk about it out loud! so Shhhhhh... be quiet..

the only sad thing that rain forests, animals and good people suffer from all this manufacturing stuff...

HammadTheBeast2045d ago

Two sides to the coin. It's great for the countries which have the factories in them.

MattS2045d ago

That's not how it works. As India continues to develop and the middle class emerges, minimum wages and standards of living in India will inflate. This will in turn make manufacturing more expensive. It will then move to another, less developed nation - likely Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos or some of the more stable emerging nations in Africa like Kenya.

The only way to compete in manufacturing is to do so on cost. There is minimal room for additional services so that manufacturers can charge more money. Which means that the nation that offers the lowest minimum wage (while not being prone to war) will be the country that wins the bulk of the manufacturing business.

2045d ago