Nintendo console commercials

GeekGamerZ had a little look around the internet and compiled a list of all the Nintendo consoles released, along with Nintendo commercials for each one. Just to keep you retro addicts happy! Let us know what your favourites are.

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GuruStarr781588d ago

Wow! Nintendo had some racy commercials!! Especially the GameBoy Micro one where the mouse is having sex with the system!!!

geeniusgee6021588d ago

haha yeah we love that one!

fatstarr1588d ago

they need to bring this radical style back.

geeniusgee6021588d ago

hell yeah man. I miss the 90's so much

Themba761588d ago

I remember this commercial first saw it summer of 89. I also remember you would be the popular kid on the block if u owned 1 of these.