BioWare Founder Disputes Public Perception of EA

BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk has spoken out in defence of EA, saying the mega-publisher doesn't force changes onto developers but rather gives them enough freedom to make their own mistakes.

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dedicatedtogamers2068d ago

How interesting, Greg, because when you officially left Bioware last September, you had this to say:

" I’ve reached an unexpected point in my life where I no longer have the passion that I once did for the company, for the games, and for the challenge of creation."

Sounds like EA was a really great place to work, huh? Is that why you left them, because they were such awesome overlords?

abradley2068d ago

Maybe he had just meant that making games held no or little interest in him any more. Maybe he just needs some time to recharge.

I'm not sure whether what he says is true about EA but I can take it on board. It doesn't make me like EA any more then I did though, they still have dodgy practices and ruin IP's on a daily basis. Till they stop being so money grubbing and cease the use of horrible forms of DRM and in game purchases my faith and my money will be else ware.

nukeitall2068d ago

I don't like EA, but people get sick of their job and when you start a studio that becomes as successful as Bioware, maybe there isn't much left of a challenge to strive for.

Some people get bored even though they have everything. It's like rich people aren't necessarily happier than us regular folks.

coolbeans2068d ago

That quote does nothing to dispute what is stated here. In fact, that quote can just as easily state time was what truly harmed his passion to create games. I don't like EA (who does here?) but there's no logic behind your insinuation and the quote presented. Do you have a better one?

DeadlyFire2068d ago

Sounds like he wants to leave the door open to come back to BiowarEA

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Blank2068d ago

The perception wont change anytime soon they have done too many bad moves if only they stayed consistent with the good company image they had at the start of this gen they wouldnt be voted as the "worst company in america" their monopoly with licenses, microtransactions, online passes, and DLC cut from the main meat gave them this reputation aside the fact the core gaming crowd is vocal and hard to regain trust from only way to disprove their current rep is with good changes for the better sure its all about profits and growth for a major company but you cant bite the hand that feeds you as they say

TheKayle12068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

in a dreaming world we would have everything that we like most....

in this world every company need to make more money possible to keep up in the market coz u dont...u close..(i.e. lucarts)

i really dont realize why ppl talk this bad about EA...must be coz im older than the most of nowdays gamers...but EA helped the gaming industry to grow up a lots...

look this from wikipedia

"For 2006, the games review aggregation site Metacritic gives the average of EA games as 72.0 (out of 100); 2.5 points behind Nintendo (74.5) but ahead of the other first-party publishers Microsoft (71.6) and Sony (71.2)." and we r not talking about 1980 eh

without EA games like

Populous,NHL,Wing Commander,Dungeon Keeper,Fifa,Need For Speed,Ultima,System Shock....would not see the light...also games that r pretty experimental like mirror's edge would not come to us if wasnt for the ea

and im saying just some of the most important..(really just some)...

i think young gamers should have more respect..coz is being tedious to read always people that like to spit in the same dish where they eat

Baka-akaB2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Really you wanna play the age card ? i'm probably as old as you if not older, and hence remember a lots of their shenanigans and ruined studios .

Like them running westwood studios , a stellar bunch wich kept creating and revolutionizing genres , into the ground .

I also remember a lot of franchise they dont even bother using anymore , except fifa , sim city and madden . Why ? Because they were abused and drained into oblivion

And all of that was even way before their nasty behavior with the dreamcast , because they commanded a monopoly on sports games .

The dys of the "benevolent" EA stopped back in 91 , when its founder just quit

Imalwaysright2068d ago

Respect for what? For EA's underhanded and anti-consumer business practices?

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