18yr Old English Guy Arrested After Threatening To Shoot Up His School In An Online Game

An 18yr old English guy threatened to "shoot up his school" in an online game published by Jagex, but the really disturbing part? The threat was made for the following day and it took police over a week to respond.

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Batzi2042d ago

I hope that he was arrested in the game like "busted" in GTA otherwise that would be plain stupid.

dedicatedtogamers2042d ago

Hahahah UK...a magical land where it is quite difficult for your average Joe to even own a gun, and then when you threaten to use said unlikely-to-own gun, the local law enforcement does its best to prevent your crime by arresting you 6 days after you threatened to do it.

Relientk772042d ago

Good, I am glad that he was arrested

Themba762042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

It seems like he was playing COD but it was runescape strange

DeadlyFire2042d ago

We all know how evil and violent Runescape could be. haha

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