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18yr Old English Guy Arrested After Threatening To Shoot Up His School In An Online Game

An 18yr old English guy threatened to "shoot up his school" in an online game published by Jagex, but the really disturbing part? The threat was made for the following day and it took police over a week to respond. (Culture)

Batzi  +   750d ago
I hope that he was arrested in the game like "busted" in GTA otherwise that would be plain stupid.
dedicatedtogamers  +   750d ago
Hahahah UK...a magical land where it is quite difficult for your average Joe to even own a gun, and then when you threaten to use said unlikely-to-own gun, the local law enforcement does its best to prevent your crime by arresting you 6 days after you threatened to do it.
Relientk77  +   750d ago
Good, I am glad that he was arrested
Themba76  +   750d ago
It seems like he was playing COD but it was runescape strange
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DeadlyFire  +   750d ago
We all know how evil and violent Runescape could be. haha
El_Colombiano  +   750d ago
This is getting ridiculous.
Linko64  +   750d ago
Is there a source to this story?
Axecution  +   750d ago
yeah normally when people ask for sources i shrug them off like "who cares its probably real"

But this could easily be fake. "18yr Old English Guy". lol. okay.

I mean maybe its real idk. Im not gonna go looking for more sources cause i dont really care that much xD but it shouldn't have been approved without a source.
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Cam977  +   750d ago
What a stupid article. It is very poorly written, very vague and there is no source.
Downvote this site.
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CaptainCamper  +   750d ago
Source has been added. You'd think after getting down to a single bubble you'd change your tone.
BlackCarrot  +   750d ago
What a waste of money of public money; did anyone hear about the bloke who tweeted that if he had to wait a minute longer he'd blow up Heathrow and he got arrested AND convicted! The UK is becoming a nanny state.
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