Jak & Daxter Trilogy and Epic Mickey 2 on PS Vita Listed By Amazon France, Given June Release Dates

The Jak & Daxter Trilogy on PlayStation Vita was rated by the ESRB a few weeks ago, with a couple retailer listings popping up after that, and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two on PS Vita was confirmed by Sony in mid-March, with a couple retailers listing that one as well. - PSLS

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G20WLY2042d ago

Hell yeah! Jak & Daxter on the go? Yes effing please!


MGRogue20172042d ago

Pre-ordering both of these titles as soon as I'm able to :)

o-Sunny-o2042d ago

Great Vita news yeah! (Ninja Turtle jump)

Sketchy_Galore2042d ago

Where the hell is Zone of the enders HD for Vita? That's what I'm really waiting for.