Prince of Persia Looking For ANOTHER Face-Lift, Why the Series Just Needs to Die.

VG Republic Writes: Prince of Persia is one of those games that has such a tried and true format that it never really seems to die. The franchise that has brought you seven titles to major home consoles may be looking to change the game once again. According to a post from NeoGAF, photos were found on the Climax Studio website and if it isn’t Prince of Persia then it is a seemly copy-cat like game that will be exactly the same but just a different title. You can take a peak below at the images that found their way around the internet today, but there is no mistaking that style of game that fits only that of the Prince of Persia lineage.

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Omar912041d ago

Idk I loved the first 2 two games. Never tried the remakes and really don't want to . Maybe this time the series will go back to its roots?

Based on the images, it looks amazing already. I hope this is true.

colonel1792041d ago

I loved 2008 Prince of Persia. The art style and the music were awesome. Too bad they ruined it with DLC ending which I heard it even ended with a cliffhanger. They could have improved upon that one a lot and have a masterpiece.

smashcrashbash2041d ago

So we just write it off because it looks like Prince of Persia? That is mature and thoughtful

MrBeatdown2041d ago

It's definitely Prince of Persia.

Take a look at the sword in the screenshots...

It's identical, right down to the smallest detail, to the sword from The Forgotten Sands...


-Gespenst-2040d ago

He's also wearing a very similar outfit to the one he wears in The Two Thrones:

Forgotten sands was an interquel- between The Sands of Time and Warrior Within, so perhaps this is an interquel between Warrior Within and The Two Thrones??

Godchild10202041d ago

Prince of Persia doesn't need to go away, it's been in hiatus for a few years now. It needs a proper reboot. Kinda like how Tomb Raider got a reboot.

porkChop2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

I just want the series to be rebooted as a downloadable 2.5D platformer. More in-line with the originals, but still keeping some bits of modern design too.

WeAreLegion2041d ago

It's NOT Prince of Persia.

Also, I'd love a sequel to the 2008 POP. :( I loved it!

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The story is too old to be commented.