Violence in American Culture and Videogame's Contributions

BigBoxGaming-"Over the past year we have had an unsettling amount of high profile violent acts perpetrated in the United State, and with that another round of politicians looking towards the videogame industry as the cause for America’s obsession with violence.

... our media and entertainment are dictated by society and culture, rather than our society and culture being dictated by our media and entertainment.”

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happyguy2712073d ago

Videogames is a political hot word which politicians and media outlets have been using to get votes and viewers.

I would doubt any major censorship would take place beyond the labeling that we already have, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to push legislation through anyway.

caleb47792073d ago

I rarely hear people talk about Hollywood whenever these debates come up on TV and they have been glorifying violence for much longer than video games have.

gabescow2073d ago

I think Australia already does, censore I mean.