GamesBeat: Defiance is not your normal massively multiplayer online game

It's been almost two weeks since Trion Worlds launched its latest massively multiplayer online game, Defiance. Here's some first impressions of the sci-fi shooter.

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SybaRat2073d ago

Is it my abnormal massively multiplayer online game?

darkronin2292073d ago

Hopefully the show at least turns out OK. Dunno why, but I keep getting a FarScape vibe from the teasers.

Heisenburger2073d ago

I just turned my reminder on for the show and saw that it is a two hour long premier.

So hopefully with what is really two episodes mashed together, they have plenty of airtime to explain the lore!

Great game... now it's time for us to see what the television program has to offer.

Myst2073d ago

Yeah I saw that and I was so glad I bought some frozen pizzas and beer. I expected like an hour or something but my lord 2 hours I hope they explain a lot of things as well.

Pintheshadows2073d ago

Probably because Defiance is from Rockne S O'Bannon who created Farscape.

darkronin2292072d ago

Haha yeah, I found that out an hour or so after I commented. Crazy!

Sadie21002073d ago

You know what's not normal? This adult "premier mature MMO" they keep advertising here on N4G.

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deantak2073d ago

I've been playing, waiting for some magic to happen.

MysticStrummer2073d ago

Magic? This is sci-fi. :P

No game is for everyone, but I have lots of fun with Defiance.