10 Characters That Should Be in Injustice and Why You Need to Have a Season Pass

FrontBurnr: NetherRealm’s super hero brawler is rapidly coming our way. Players will be taking an alternate look at a grim future for the DC comic universe. We noticed some popular characters that have been mainstays within the DC universe have not made the cut. Here are 10 characters that we would love to see on that season pass list.

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Rushing_Punch1986d ago

Power Girl, Clayface, Robin (Damien Wayne), Ant Man. Do it!

InTheLab1986d ago

Ant man is Hank Pym and he's an Avenger.

I think you mean the Atom.

agentxk1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Yeah, sorry, that little dude is the guy you were thinking of. I want to see some Arsenal

_QQ_1986d ago

not enough Mojo Jojo.

pr0t0typeknuckles1986d ago

it is i mojojojo,and i am going to destroy those annoying powerpuffs,because i am the evil mastermind mojojojo

Heisenburger1986d ago

Obviously The Rowdyruff boys is where it's at.

optimus1986d ago

Last month Ed boon hinted lobo would be a dlc for the game...i'm only debating whether i should wait for the eventual game of the year edition with all the dlc they are planning.

1986d ago
pr0t0typeknuckles1986d ago

ll i want for dlc is
martian manhunter
static shock
if netherrealm adds those 5 ill be happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.