BioShock Infinite Is The Best Multiplayer Game I've Played In A While

Technically, BioShock Infinite has no multiplayer mode; you can only play the single-player story. But let's look beyond how we traditionally understand multiplayer games for a moment. If we do, what we find is that just because a game doesn't come packaged with a multiplayer mode doesn't mean it can't become a multiplayer experience. Multiplayer games are just games played by multiple people, right?

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DownNotOut1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

this is the worst article i've read in a while

ziggurcat1776d ago

did you expect anything more from kraptaku?

dedicatedtogamers1776d ago

Oh look. Kotaku trying to write articles like the big kids do.

Keep trying, Kotaku. One day you'll stumble across a thoughtful topic. But keep trying...

Thatguy-3101776d ago

Stupid article lmao. Being a "Journalist" is so easy in today's world.

MrAnderson1776d ago

Kotaku is so hit and miss it's crazy, occasionally a really good article comes from kotaku, then there's a gazillion terrible ones.