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EA Litigation Details Payment Plans to Plaintiffs in Football Monopoly suit

Last summer, EA finally settled the $27 million dollar lawsuit that states that it's exclusive licenses of NCAA Football and Madden created a monopoly. Now, people willing to become plaintiffs in the lawsuit have recently received an email detailing exactly what they need to do in order to get back cash for what are now legally looked at as 'overpriced' games. (GameCube, Industry, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360)

Donnieboi  +   525d ago
Set NCAA and Madden free! EA sucks at it!
sinjonezp  +   524d ago
I believe 2K can make a college football game now. The question is will they allocate resources to do so. I hope they do for the nextbox and ps4. Plus 2K brings there titles to PC. With the mod community, a PC football game would be a doorway for great content. The things I have seen the community do with NBA 2k13 is astounding.
andjudunno  +   525d ago
NFL 2K5 >>>>>
DwightOwen  +   525d ago
Best football game EVER.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   525d ago
It's amazing how a game from 2004 will still be better than this years up coming Madden. This is what happens when competition ceases to exist.
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JeromeNtheHouse  +   524d ago
Yea hell yea! 2K5 was no joke man. A lot of the features EA/Madden RECENTLY added were already in 2K5. That game was waayyy ahead of its time...or right on time.

They still got the servers up and running for 2K5, or did they finally shut em down?
andjudunno  +   524d ago
Not a day goes by that I don't think of how great the nfl 2k games would be during these times... I still play All Pro 2k9 :/
AkatsukiPain  +   525d ago
I bet if u let sony create a nfl or ncaa game they can make it better. Just look how great MLB The Show is compared to every other baseball game. Sony would bring these games to life.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   525d ago
Didn't 989 studios create gameday? Wasn't that a first party studio? If so then Sony sucks at making football games. Gameday was so broken with all the Bs u could get away with
Biggest  +   525d ago
I was amazing on the PSOne. They lost the magic on the PS2 and ceased to exist.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   524d ago
The Show is a terrible game.

I was upset with 2k13 so I bought the show. While during pitching I noticed that the batter could hit the ball even though the ball would appear to have gone past the plate and into the glove. When I watched the replay, I noticed the ball actually STOPS right over the plate and kind of hovers there for a second, allowing the batter the little bit of extra time to hit the ball.

I am not sure if I have it set up in a settings or if that is pre-set for online but having the ball actually stop right over the plate for a brief moment giving the batter that extra moment to hit the ball is about as far away as a baseball sim as you can get.

I have gone back to 2k13. Even though it's a carbon copy of 2K12 and has more bugs and the graphics are less superior, the gameplay and fluidity of the game is by far more superior to the show.

I was greatly disappointed with the show.

If you own the show, watch a replay of a pitch crossing the plate, you will see the odd float the ball does over the plate.

I would like 2K to get the Football license again as we have seen no competition is a bad thing for games. I think that 1st parties should also have the rights to make their own licensed sports titles like Sony with MLB.
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Feldman9000  +   525d ago
$6 checks for all!!!!
dcbronco  +   525d ago
I don't get any money because I realized Madden sucked way back in '97. I have bought one copy since. Well two. I bought the one after the broncos won the SB because I thought they would finally get a fair shake. Wrong. I returned it for a PC copy that was actually better. And again in 200 or '01 because they let you design your own plays. I did love that. Rarely played a game, just designed plays.
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inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   525d ago
i feel the same way about fifa license, seems like no one is even trying should be lawz and no exclusive for global sporting product.. none.
JeromeNtheHouse  +   524d ago
YES!!! Hopefully this'll be the last Madden/NCAA ONLY football games. Can't wait for 2K to get back in the mix.
Oh_Yeah  +   524d ago
When 2k5 came out it was 20$ new...and it still crushes every Madden 9 years later...I still play it on 360 with updated rosters. Them physics, that sports center, the crib, first person football mode, and more. So much goodness went into that game, all pro football 2k8 was also frickin great..the license needs to come to an end.
JeromeNtheHouse  +   524d ago
Yea, I used to be on All Pro Football 2K8 tough. That game was amazing too. Only thing tho, a lot of people were scared of it cuz it didn't have the NFL licensing. So people would look at the cover and think it was like some arcade football game.

The fact that NFL 2K5 was $20 killed Madden too, because u're getting a great (if not the best) football game, at half the cost.

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