The end of LucasArts and what it might mean for the industry

So here's the thing... LucasArts has closed down, but Nate already saw this coming. The running of game publishers and developers like other entertainment enterprises will continue to keep quality at an independent level.

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Sharodan2065d ago

I feel bad for the devs that lost their jobs because of this, but I do understand why it had to happen. If they were only licensing IPs for the most part anyways, it's just not economical to keep them running.

acidbrn2065d ago

I think as the industry matures more studios will close or be repositioned. Sadly I see what has happened with Lucasarts and many others as only the start of things to come.

nhales802065d ago

There needs to be a change in philosophy. I don't understand why gaming, which is a larger and faster growing market than TV and film, feels like they need to conform to their way of developing. It couldn't be more different.

Cusmar3502065d ago

I just hope that Star Wars 1313 might be picked up somewhere. Not a big chance of that happening though, sadly.