Chinese Gamer Admits Selling Meth To Fund MMO Habit

A Chinese man from Zhejiang province was recently arrested by police under the suspicion of dealing drugs. An investigation later proved that the 19yr old gamer was selling the illegal narcotic, Meth, to fund his addition to MMO gaming. This is the latest in a long line of shocking stories from the East. We’ve heard people selling family heirlooms, losing their families and even their lives over MMO addiction but this is one of the worst so far.

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CaptainCamper2016d ago

I think it highlights the potential damage any addiction can do. Whether it's MMO gaming, Mountain Dew or Tobacco. Certain addictions are accepted as potentiality damaging whereas others, such as this are mocked.

Don't get me wrong, any idiot willing to get the death penalty and ruin the lives of others purely to get ahead in an MMO game needs a serious psyche check, but MMO addiction is serious over there.