Will The Next Xbox Fall Victim To The Third Console Curse?


As we’ve been talking about the next Xbox, the specter of the “third console curse” has reared its head: The belief that every third home console, gaming hardware manufacturers… well, basically they screw the pooch. But how true is it… and will Microsoft fall prey? We look at the third consoles of several major manufacturers, to see what happened.

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mushroomwig2043d ago

People seem to forget that the original Xbox didn't actually do that well anyway, so if anything Microsoft has already beaten the "curse".

DEATHxTHExKIDx2043d ago

Xbox sold slightly more than the Gamecube and that was Nintendos 4th console. For MS first time out they did ok.

shoddy2043d ago

The real curse is always online
And paying to play online.
Xchat won't cut it anymore.

Psn8002042d ago

I agree Xbox will do well .

iplay1up22043d ago

I will more than likely not be picking up 720. I did 360, but after Ring Of Death twice I sold my games and picked up PS3..I guess if Microsoft blew my mind I would, but I don't see that happening, and I know it will not be Illumiroom that does that.

jdktech20102043d ago

Same though if they have some cool exclusives at launch, I might pick it up sooner than later.

Otherwise, I'll do what I did with the ps3 this gen and pick it up 4-5 years into the cycle.

USMC_POLICE2043d ago

Can't hit agree enough. Illumiroom hahahha I don't care neither.

skipper2043d ago

Its a seizure waiting to freaking happen. At first I looked at Illumiroom and I was like wow, and then I looked harder and was like, that is freaking CHEESY,STUPID, Distracting,Gimmick that will only be used more than 10 min by someone on acid.

Qrphe2043d ago

The problem with the PS3 and N64 were their prices (and game costs as far as N64). If Microsoft avoids going overboard with their pricing they should be ok.
(If they match PS4 specs AND release Kinect 2.0 with it, hopefully they're willing to take a bit more of the costs to match PS4 pricing)

kreate2043d ago

I think wii-u will struggle while both ps4 + nextxbox will dominate the industry.

skipper2043d ago

Nope, I think they are all going to have a strong start, and then drop, but sell well over all.

Jek_Porkins2043d ago

There isn't a curse, most of the time it was companies who won generations in a row and got cocky or let pride get in the way, hopefully Microsoft has a compelling piece of hardware that appeals to a lot of different gamer's.

Cant wait to get some real info on the next Xbox.

maniacmayhem2043d ago

I agree with this. The N64 was coming off a super victory with the SNES. Nintendo was a household name and they were cocky. They rejected Sony's offer of a CD (add-on/new system) system because of the piracy issue and decided to go the cartridge route. I'm sure they thought devs would still be on board and didn't worry about Sony releasing the PS1.

Sony came off of a super dominating PS2 era that just like Nintendo, Playstation became a household name. I'm sure they also thought that many people would still flock to the stores and pick up a PS3 for that insane price. (which sadly i did).

Both companies are not making that mistake again and I'm sure MS has done their research and them too won't make that mistake.

nevin12043d ago

MSoft never won a generation.

Dee_Cazo2043d ago

That might be true, but I think 17 million more sales in North America over Sony, is a pretty big deal.

Qrphe2043d ago

He didn't say that; he said cocky companies who overprice consoles get what they have coming.

headblackman2043d ago

the Xbox 360 beat the ps3 (systems shipped doesn't equal systems sold). and let's be clear here. very Xbox had a very clear purpose. the first Xbox was designed to get the Xbox name out. the Xbox 360 was designed to test the crown (it did that and dethroaned the PlayStation). the next Xbox will destroy and embarrass. the whole ps4 is nothing but an Xbox 360 on steroids. the next Xbox will be on PC level. it will have the hardware to match up with the PC (for a little while) but the features will carry it through.

hiphopisdead2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Dee_Cazo, consoles are sold in other countries. Gamers do exist in other countries.

And nobody is putting xbox360 down, nevin1 just stated that microsoft didn't win (over sony... or anybody).

Who won this generation? Who cares. They both are pretty even and great consoles. But if you want to pick a winner based on sales, it's not XBox360.

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