PS4 Possibilities Have Greatly Impressed ‘Grid 2′ Developer

Whenever next generation hardware is announced, the questions surrounding them boil down to: How much better will it be than my current console? Considering the how long this current console generation has dragged on this question seems especially important for many gamers that feel they’ve waited far too long for an upgrade.

Now that the PS4 has finally been announced, this pivotal question can be answered. Although the press conferences from Sony give some indication with its features and a few samples of games already in development, the question of potential is best answered by the game developers that are working with this new hardware. While discussing their latest game, Grid 2, Lain Smith of Codemasters hinted at what can be expected from the next generation of games.

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NastyLeftHook01650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

i can see it already, ps2 domination

get ready

its going to hit the fan hard and heavy on n4g.

meltdowns wll happen

abzdine1650d ago

If Sony gets some courses in marketing and advertising + quality games keep flowing then it should do it!

Tito081650d ago

I believe, even though they might spend less $$$ than MS, they might do some smart marketing. Of course, I'm not saying MS isn't smart, but it doesn't require $500m to make something clever that catches everyone's attention. While Nintendo's way of marketing is by including celebrities like Beyonce & Penelope Cruz which have a huge following & some non-celebrity ads. It remains to be seen, & see how Sony & Microsoft will do with their respective consoles.

BuffMordecai1650d ago

I'd love an enhanced version of Grid 2 for the PS4.

porter4701650d ago

hopefully it's cockpit view

iR_phantasm1650d ago

Great, now they can finally do some proper "coding" on a PlayStation platform.

fabiani1650d ago

should be easy I use x86 for my projects at ex pression