Levine: BioShock Infinite DLC will 'be a real love letter to the fans'

GameZone writes, "Irrational Games’ co-founder and lead game designer Ken Levine talked quite briefly about BioShock Infinite’s downloadable content, saying 'I think that’s going to be a real love letter to the fans.'”

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ThichQuangDuck2067d ago

Elizabeth God Mode actually fully utilizing all her powers :)

joab7772067d ago

Spoiler! At the end when she says she is gonna kill Comstock and Booker says no...amd BAM...tears, tornadoes and Elizabeth says how are U gonna stop me? It reminded me of the end of the Matrix wjen he stops the bullets.

We get u Levine...wink...wink...RAPTURE ! But it won't just be rapture. It will be cool..probably a mix of the two. Like each door u walk through is a different setting. But 1 dlc as elizabeth in Godmode would be amazing

omi25p2066d ago


I can honestly say i haven't the slightest idea of what you have just said or were trying to say..

brish2067d ago

More likely an Elizabeth bikini outfit!

Themba762067d ago

very interested in it especially after that spectacular ending. wonder if they'lle go back to rapture.

HammadTheBeast2067d ago


I believe the DLC will take place in another "dimension" following a storyline of someone in Columbia or maybe Wounded Knee.

xBigxBossx2067d ago

Rapture would be awesome!!

Spoiler alert!!!!

Or a dlc about how songbird is really a failed booker melded into machine :)

HammadTheBeast2067d ago

That. Would. Be. Epic.

Actually.... how would that happen? What choice?

Maybe not killing people at Wounded Knee, being branded a traitor, and so on?

ThichQuangDuck2067d ago

This would be the perfect story to see for songbird and understand all perspectives of booker. Then one in rapture. Then last one in a dimensional door other than any before it that ends the series of bioshock entirely. After this game would be the perfect stopping point I see after the ending. Which I feel is perfect for the series to go out at peak rather than drag out more than needed. Bioshock Infinite is my personal favorite game of all time story wise and actually experience wise since I took 23 hours and played on 1999 mode first time through.

xBigxBossx2066d ago


This is the way I see it. Comstock stole the designs for songbird from another dimension where man was melded with machine (maybe rapture or future game idk) who better to act as a paternal father figure / protector / (big daddy also Booker Dewitt, Big Daddy, both are B.D initials) then Elizabeth's / Anna's actual father. Booker was a cold blooded killer and song bird kills every previous booker who tried to break the cycle. Also note that Booker was able to use the baithosphere in rapture during lock down at the end of te game. Only Andrew Ryan's DNA can unlock them. Andrew Ryan in irony (see what I did there) dies with his head under water. Comstock and booker both die with their heads under water, song bird dies drowned at the bottom of rapture. In a world of constants and variables those points rift their are all constants.

Infinite Anonymous

joab7772066d ago

Bigboss...that is perfect and exactly what I was thinking. Elizabeth is the little sister and songbird is big daddy. I like to believe that vigors were created to stop booker but he was brought through earlier to get use first. So, maybe in one dimension comstock made a deal with booker to see anna again...but it was a trick...he was brought through the tear and turned into the songbird...cruel thing to do but allowed himto b reunited with anna. That would make perfect sense.

Rockefellow2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

I never played the original Bioshock, yet I felt myself absolutely engrossed at a particular moment you might be referencing. The 30 seconds spent there really grabbed my attention. I'll definitely be cracking my copy open sometime this weekend so I can finally see what the fuss is about.

Edit: this was in reply to Themba76

kma2k2066d ago

if you are going to start bioshock avoid ALL spoilers!

malol2067d ago

its going to be free ?

Sandmano2067d ago

That's what I got from it, what better love letter the few DLC!!! :D

febreeze12067d ago

you need the season pass

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