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Finding The Roger Ebert of Video Game Criticism

Roger Ebert is widely considered a master of movie criticism. The game industry is still looking for its version of him. Will we find him/her soon? (Culture, Industry, Roger Ebert)

NukaCola  +   955d ago
Adam Sessler. I dont always agree him but I always respect his opinions. He is a great writer and extremely smart. I never have seen anyone who uses philosophy and classic literature to explain his views on games. Its funny to see other talk to him and sit dumbfounded because he can compare a game to a Japanese poem no one has ever read but a few master degree holders and it all makes sense so perfectly.
cleft5  +   954d ago
In no way is Adam Sessler the Roger Ebert of gaming. Love or hate Roger Ebert he was a highly respected and credible person beyond just Movie entertainment. Adam is a personality that is liked, that doesn't put him on Ebert's level.
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Sketchy_Galore  +   954d ago
Roger Ebert wasn't quite as highly praised and respected as is being made out now he's dead. He was often criticised for writing movies off for completely ridiculous personal reasons. Look up his review of David Lynch's Blue velvet (because I'm too lazy to find a link) on YouTube. He completely writes the movie off because he didn't like the way Isabella Rossellini was treated on screen during it and felt it was misogynist filmmaking. Ignoring the fact that Isabella Rossellini is both a daring artist in her own right, an adult woman capable of making her own choices and was dating Lynch at the time (and for years after).

I think the fact that Roger Ebert was a man who had a genuine love of the medium he criticised and was capable of making incredibly entertaining, insightful critical pieces but could easily forget context and become a hypersensitive ass when something hit his personal buttons makes him closer to Sessler than anybody else in gaming.
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TongkatAli  +   954d ago
Sessler is no Roger Ebert. I respect him, but no.
3-4-5  +   954d ago
Sess is more accurate than Ebert, who by the way, was an overrated critic. He was legit, but maybe only the 20th best movie reviewer.
SilentNegotiator  +   954d ago
Roger Ebert was over-rated as can be. And now that he's dead, he is of course being deified.

Does anyone even remember the idiotic comments that he made about video games?

He's Adam Sessler level to me, and that's not because I respect Sessler...
brettyd  +   954d ago
Greg Miller BEYOND!
sovietsoldier  +   954d ago
Finding The Roger Ebert of Video Game Criticism

sorry but roger ebert was never very good that's why Oscar and him split because the two had major issues about each others criticism.

but if you had to pick one i would say Adam seller would be a top choice.
cleft5  +   954d ago
Gaming Journalists or critics, on a whole, aren't trusted or respected by the people who play games the most. Whereas movie critics opinions are taken seriously by people who are deeply into movies. Which is why no current gaming journalist or critic is on or near the level of Roger Ebert.
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MaverickStar7  +   954d ago
Interesting. I see that as an accurate assessment. I see junior movie bloggers and critics and even serious movie always looking up to and inspired by those more established critics. Take a look around the next and so many gamers have no respect for the more established in the industry. I feel like so many gamers in general, when it comes to any discussion believes themselves to be more knowledgeable than anyone else. In fairness, not all game journos and critics are not what would be considered true gamers and are only using their current position as a stepping stone.
SpiralTear  +   954d ago
There are many, many very intelligent figures in games criticism, but sadly, many of them are obscure and aren't exposed enough in the mainstream. Jane McGonigal wrote the game studies book "Reality is Broken" and Bernard Perron and Mark J.P. Wolf wrote both "The Video Game Theory Reader" books 1 and 2 (if you haven't read any of those yet, I definitely recommend picking them up).

If it came down to overall cultural influence, Adam Sessler for sure. Like Ebert, he's not only deep and analytic, but he has the public influence to make his message heard to many people. Ebert and Sessler both have a sense of expertise and charisma.

Then again, this isn't an easy question to answer. Maybe someone will step out of the shadows in the next few years...?
FreshRevenge  +   954d ago
it's kind of ironic that Ebert spent most of his life criticizing every single movie and then he loses his jaw and no longer able to speak anymore. Maybe it should be a lesson for other people, that they don't need to criticize everything that they watch and play. Too much negative energy, which if you build enough causes you to have health problems.
Sketchy_Galore  +   954d ago
....and implying that a man who lost his jaw to cancer deserved it for being an entertainment critic doesn't count as negative energy, how?
TongkatAli  +   954d ago
It's a little ironic, but no lesson is to be learned, ever heard of the word coincidence ?
STK026  +   954d ago
Ebert might have been a movie critic, but he loved movies. He wasn't always negative about them either. In addition to that, as what I would consider to be a testament to his love for movies, even after losing the ability to speak, he still wrote plenty of critics. Rather than see him as a person filled with negative energy, I see him as a passionate man.

As for the Roger Ebert of video games, I don't think there is one at the moment. The old Gamespot staff was good and I used to read their reviews and take them into account before buying a game. But ever since the departures of Greg Kasavin and Jeff Gertsmann, Gamespot has lost me.
Pozzle  +   954d ago
Hmm. I must have missed the study that proved negative criticism of films can lead to mouth cancer. :/

Also, Ebert didn't criticize "every single movie" he saw. Where did you get that from? Read or watch any review/interview with him and you can see that he loved movies. He had just as many positive reviews as he had negative reviews. But he was a critic, and being a critic means you have to shovel through the shit before you get to the diamonds. Though let's not pretend any of us are any different - we all have movies we love and movies we hate. For every single movie you watch, you're bound to have some sort of opinion on it. The only difference is that Ebert made a career out of it.
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FreshRevenge  +   954d ago
I wasn't saying that there was sciencific proof. There isn't such a study. Yet there is a study that negative energy is associated with health problems. Why do Buddists meditate because they realize that negative energy can make them unhealthy.

Is it coincident that he should lose his jaw; why not his leg? Nothing is by coincident. Everything happens for a reason, whether we choose to understand it or not. He spent hours doing reviews, some negative and some positive. When I used to watch him. It was more of the negative side.

I don't see how someone who doesn't direct movies or even a actor can go around critizing others? Is would be like a nongamer giving his thoughts on a game that he just started playing.

I stopped watching his shows because he was a awful critic but maybe awful people like awful critics? Now that is my opinion, I didn't like the guy but only because he was a terrible critic in my book.
MaverickStar7  +   954d ago
I don't think there will ever be that Roger Ebert of game criticism. The era of technology has come so fast and has given voices to so many people that I don't think that one person will rise above others and distinguish himself like Ebert did. Anyone can become a critic now with it being so easy to make blogs and videos. Opinions and views are so varied that anyone in the industry will that can distinguish themselves will be equally loathed and loved. Adam Sessler is the closet thing there will be...but not all that close.
MilkMan  +   954d ago
The closest thing to Roger Ebert of gaming would be me.
My friends always ask me what I think and I give them non-biased and correct info (if I know it).
Since I am not beholden to anyone or any company and I play everything.
I guess, Ive taken that responsibility.
They wont buy anything unless I talk to them about it.
and I've always modeled myself after Ebert. M first love was film and I went to Tribeca film school in the hopes that I would be a filmmaker but that a different story.

The short answer is no. I'll agree with Maverick Star7. To many anonymous voices on the web and to many sites vying for attention.
venom06  +   954d ago
wayy to much fanboyism in the video game market and wayy too much money being made from website views for any true objective reviewers to be present in the video game industry. When a exact copy and paste version of MW2 was released in the form of MW3 (just with a few new bells and whistles) and still got a 9.... yet IGN is already trying to down talk BF4 with comments of "not innovative, same old shooter" despite BF4 actually having new elements AND an upgraded engine, this is an indication of how biased the "game journalist reviewer" industry really is..
FrostyZipper  +   954d ago
What about Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw?

Just throwing that out there.
Filthcardia  +   954d ago
I think Yahtzee's style is meant more to entertain and less to criticize. Seeing his reviews, they don't make you think so much as laugh. Ebert rarely used humour as a review device, whereas that's Yahtzee's main push.

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