1UP's Wipeout HD preview and screens

If there is a game that practically screams for the high-def treatment, it's Wipeout. The revived franchise is currently enjoying success on PSP with Wipeout Pulse and is on its way to the PlayStation 3 courtesy of Sony's Liverpool based studio in the UK. Based on what 1UP played of the latest preview build, the studio's doing another bang-up job with the series.

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sonarus3658d ago

This game has been "coming soon" Forever. I know sony is working on a lot of games but common damn it i want to play.

Lifendz3658d ago

Good things come to those who wait. I can't wait for it either but Burnout and DMC4 are holding me just fine. Just think, GTA is next month. NEXT MONTH! Then MGS4 will be here and from there you'll just cruise right into Wipeout HD, Resistance 2, and all the other great games coming.