Is Level-5 Teasing a New Game/Localization?

PlayStation Euphoria: Level-5 International America today have posted a new part of their website called the Blackb0x and on their Facebook, they have asked their fanbase if they know what it means. On this website, there is indeed a blackbox whirling around and when you click on it, the box either splits into two or shakes.

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porkChop1704d ago

I really, really, really hope this is a localization of Time Travelers.

Minato-Namikaze1704d ago

is the black box a reference to any of their current games? I dont remember that from any game i played of theirs.

Xof1704d ago

That would be nice.

Though I'd also settle for a Dragon Quest VIII 3DS/Vita/PS3 port.

porkChop1704d ago

I never got far in the original so I'd love an HD remaster on the Vita.

mamotte1704d ago

Or Layton Vs. Phoenix.

-Gespenst-1704d ago

Couldn't agree more porkChop. This needs to happen more than everything else that needs to happen from Level-5.

3-4-51704d ago

Fantasy Life or Dragon Quest 7

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Chrono1704d ago

This is probably GUILD02.

Tewi-Inaba1704d ago

My guesses are either Guild 002 titles announced for localization to 3DS or Fantasy Life announced to be localized along with Time Travelers for the Vita and 3DS

1704d ago
TheDivine1704d ago

Better be DQ7 for the 3ds. Time travelers would also suffice but I'd much prefer a jrpg.