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iGG: When Irrational Games announced Bioshock Infinite in 2010, I knew it was going to be the best game of whatever year it released and I’m confident no game released this year will top it.

Bioshock Infinite takes a different approach from its predecessors. Instead of running wild in an underwater dystopia, you’re out on a rescue mission in a city in the clouds. Instead of playing as a muted character, you’re in the shoes of a man whose personality is allowed to shine through his words. While the changes to the series may put some fans off, it’s well worth it in the end.

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Rockefellow1866d ago

I've been enjoying reading critical analysis of this game since I finished it a while ago. I wish this review would have went into more detail on the combat and the "useless" Move features.

To me, the combat was the weakest part of the game and I continually felt like I was dragging myself through the repetitive, boring gunfights just to get to the next part of the story. While there's a variety of guns and upgrades as well as vigors that help shake things up, you're not really rewarded in using them in any creative way, and some of them are just plain useless against normal weaponry or other such things (as pointed out in the review).

I never tried the Move integration, so I'd like to hear why it was badly implemented. But in the end, I see very little reviews actually commenting on the combat. If this game had a lackluster story or wasn't part of the Bioshock line, I truly don't think it'd be getting as good of reviews as it is-- the combat is just that poor.

iXenon1866d ago

I appreciate the feedback. I'll be sure to try and cover all bases in my next review

Themba761866d ago

it could be better yes but it's not that poor at all especially in 1999 mode.