NHL 14 is another major sports franchise skipping Wii U

Joining Madden NFL 25 and Tiger Woods, NHL 14 is not coming to the Wii U this year.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1952d ago

they need a new box stronger and a real controller the innovation shit, they everyone is tryin to sell to consumers... like new way to play gets boring.. stick to contrtoller till something better comes along

mrbojingles1952d ago

Why would they need a stronger box when the Wii U is twice as powerful as the 360/PS3 and those platforms are the only ones getting EA sports games this year? Also, the controller could make a game like NHL so much better if you could draw plays on the fly on the pad

lilbroRx1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Stronger? Strength that has nothing to do with this. The Wii U is stronger than the man platforms this game is being made for.

They word this like its some major loss of another third party dev by personifying the game(saying the game is skipping the Wii U instead of the specific dev refusing to make something for it again) when its just EA. Everyone knows that EA is bitter at Nintendo.

As far as I'm concerned, Nintendo should actively "ban" EA from releasing games on the console. Nintendo has done well for 7 years will little support from them. They will need Nintendo before Nintendo will need them.

Ck1x1952d ago

Its another EA game, not to surprising... I miss the days when 2K Sports was putting out much better sports games than EA.

LOL_WUT1951d ago

You guys are hilarious, you and kirbyu. Anyway I don't even know one person who plays NHL games so I guess in this case Wii U owners aren't missing much. ;)

Ck1x1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Here's what's hilarious... You spend all day everyday reporting, commenting and trolling Nintendo articles and yet you can't stand the company! If they make such trash and garbage systems then you must like eating garbage because you are here everyday on time for work. But no one is giving you extra credit or paying you overtime for all of this freetime you muster up. So do society a favor and go out and get a real 9-5, please its pathetic!

kirbyu1952d ago

These games suck anyway.

Nevers0ft1952d ago Show
Theyellowflash301952d ago

It's EA, of course they are not bringing the game to Wii U. This writer is trolling to get hits.

stragomccloud1951d ago

Well duh. It's an EA game.

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