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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 1026d ago | news

Bohemia Have No Plans To Bring ARMA 3 on The PS4, Praises Sony

"In light of the next generation of first person shooters, one particular title has been doing the rounds on PC: ARMA 3. As a more realistic treatment of military shooters, the game is currently in closed beta. And it looks simply phenomenal. Surely such a title would benefit from making the jump to next generation consoles, giving games like Battlefield 4 a run for their money?" (ArmA 3, PC, PS4)

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Snookies12  +   1026d ago
Trying to play an Arma game on consoles... I'm just thinking about how I STILL don't have the hang of controls on PC for Arma 2. There are a lot of keys to remember, so I'm not sure how they'd put that on a controller.
NewMonday  +   1026d ago
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Nitrowolf2  +   1026d ago
Thing is, a lot of those keys could be placed somewhere else or be equip VIA gear rather than keys, or even placed on the UI if they ever did go with console release. Then again this move may even dumb it down, which I can see happening.

That also goes without saying that the PS4 will probably support keyboard/mouse
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Hellsvacancy  +   1026d ago
I dont know why your getting disagrees (well, I do) If the PS4 is supposed to be more PC like then isnt kinda obvious that m/k support is a given

Obviously its down to the developer to implement it
LOL_WUT  +   1026d ago
Well if the PS3 supported mouse and keyboard support then I don't see why they couldn't offer the same thing on the PS4. ;)
Xyla  +   1026d ago
it would be quite simple to have 32 additional buttons if need be for arms 3 through hotkeys. devs could easily map different button functions depending on which directional button one presses on the d-pad. holding up on the d-pad can switch face buttons and shoulder buttons to other commands as well as pressing other sides of the directional buttons to have other hotkeys. i like the look of arma 3 and if it doesnt come to ps4 that is fine. i like that its different than a lot of shooters available on the market and cant wait to buy it later on in the year.

ive seen quite a few complaining about this game on pc which i dont understand because theyre complaining because its different than other shooters when they can play other shooters. i havent played this game as yet but i know ill accept it as it is and would only complain if it has bugs or issues it wasnt meant to have. i like to experience new games and i love the look of arma 3. definitely getting it on pc later on this year if only available on pc
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1026d ago
That was uncomfortable to look at.
pixelsword  +   1026d ago
Those could be verbal commands and you could eliminate the keyboard entirely.
ChronoJoe  +   1026d ago
The logical solution would be a sub-real time tactical menu / interface. Like you hold triangle, time freezes in-game, then you navigate to the appropriate command in a sort of weapon-wheel like system.

Other controls could be contexualised. For instance 'reload' can be the same button as 'mount' but mount would only apply to the context of a vehicle. It's not that complicated really.
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Axe99  +   1026d ago
You could easily get around those commands - take a SOCOM/SOCOM 2 approach to radio commands and most of the command-like actions (SOCOM 1/2's squad commands were for some elements just as detailed as those in ArmA), and use sensible toggles for the rest (ie, R2 +, or L2 +, and so on). It's easily doable. Tbh, that keyboard-heavy approach to commands looks clunky and unintuitive for PC, let alone console.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1026d ago
Verbal commands is an idea, but K/M support I'm not so sure... I don't know if they are allowed to make an alternative controller mandatory. Maybe if it's bundled, but otherwise I don't think they could request a K/M to play, hence they'll still have to come up with a controller solution, even if just an option...

And if they are allowed to make K/M mandatory it could affect sales... A lot of stuff to think about in that, anyway I surely would love Arma on PS4, K/M, controller, voice or otherwise... I just want some hardcore tactical shooter (yup, I'm another of those SOCOM orphans).
Army_of_Darkness  +   1026d ago
Doesn't look like I'm missing anything but unnecessary memorization and frustration lol!
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   1026d ago
ARMA could run on consoles but the learning curve would be to much for most console gamers... even simplifying the controls wouldn't be enough. I could see everyone trying to play it like BF but failing miserably.
Thisisjuju  +   1026d ago
Arma 3 controls on a PS4? No problem!

Just need a...

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harrisk954  +   1026d ago
That's a lot of buttons! Way beyond me. I wish I had the time to learn a lot of PC game controls.

Back in my day, Defender in the arcade was a lot of buttons! :)
MariaHelFutura  +   1026d ago
DayZ is almost 100% coming to PS4 and that's all I care about personally.
koston3647  +   1026d ago
come again?!?!? :D
MariaHelFutura  +   1026d ago
DayZ is a mod from Arma, that is getting a standalone version.
Cueil  +   1025d ago
no it's not
SnakeCQC  +   1026d ago
the controls of arma kinda ruin it for me
BlackRock  +   1026d ago
the ps3 can be used with a mouse and keyboard so who said you'll have to use a controller for such games.?
CaptCalvin  +   1025d ago
If they release it on console the M/K can only be an option, which means they'll have to make the game in a way that you have to be able to play with a controller.
The_Infected  +   1026d ago
"I'm not sure how they'd put that on a controller"

Here's your answer.
Modestmex  +   1026d ago
hahah look everyone disagrees!
harrisk954  +   1026d ago
LOL... that's awesome! Why all the disagrees? Sometimes, people on N4G have no sense of humor!
CaptCalvin  +   1025d ago
Because somebody's already done that earlier in the comments?
JsonHenry  +   1026d ago
Just require a KB+M to play it on the PS4. Problem solved!
hesido  +   1026d ago
I'm not sure Sony would allow a keyboard / mouse only game, but, it really should. The game should make it very clear that it does not support gamepad, tho. It's not that improbable, we have games that require move, we have games that have "move features". The same principle could be applied.
JsonHenry  +   1026d ago
I just want to see some of my PC favorite genres thrive on the PS4 like hack and slash games, isometric RPGs, and real time strategy games. I feel if a Keyboard and mouse was required it would help push the genres a little better. I know you can play all of those types of games I just mentioned with a gamepad. But you lose a LOT of the quick and competitive edge when downgrading your controls to a gamepad. Playing Supreme Commander and the Command and Conquer games on the 360/PS3 was a HUGE pain the ass. If that was my only experience with that genre I would never go back to it again for another try.
specialguest  +   1026d ago
problem semi-solved
I don't believe developers will risk making a game that only supports k/m and has no controller support on a console. Doing so means they're targeting a tiny market, because most console players either hate or are not accustomed to playing on k/m. It's not going to be worth the trouble if they don't include a comprehensive controller scheme that somehow works. Therefore, i think they made the right choice.
sobekflakmonkey  +   1026d ago
Have the game be a package deal, you buy the game with a usb Keyboard and mouse, get steelseries to go in on it or something, I don't know, you could make it work, but its up to Bohemia and Sony as to whether or not they wanna put in that effort.
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k2d  +   1026d ago
@ Hesido: That all up to the devolper to choose. It's been like that since the PS2.
ded1020  +   1026d ago
I do not see why, in this day and age, for those game that could be made better with a kb&m, why they don't just offer that. Most people I assume have them with usb, and if not they aren't expensive. Why can't that option simply be there?
Sucitta  +   1026d ago
It would not be fair for FPS..

I find it ALLOT easier to spin around and point/click my kills in BF3 on PC then I do with my Onza BF3 controller on xbox.

You need a level playing field for games like BF3, though for games like Command and Conquer, they should defiantly offer optional KB&M support.
Dasteru  +   1026d ago

Everyone would have the option to use KB+M though, and given that you can buy a basic KB+M for around $10-15, i don't see it really being all that different from a handicap setting in a fighting game. People choose to continue using a controller they are choosing to handicap themselfs, nobody is forcing them. Perfectly fair.
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ded1020  +   1026d ago
I don't really think balance factors in as heavily as you might think. People make proprietary peripherals for pc and console games all the time. For just that purpose, (to stack the odds in your favor) and quality of life enhancements. I think these boxes should come with kb&m standard and thats the end of it. (I miss my chat boxes in multiplayer games =\)
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Axe99  +   1026d ago
The problem with using a mouse/keyboard (and particularly a mouse), is that it takes what is ostensibly a sim and then gives you the most casual-friendly, un-sim way of controlling a shooter (the mouse - wonderfully accessibly, but even less sim than a gamepad). Add in the digital movement controls of a keyboard and you're driving a military shooter with an input device designed for working with spreadsheets. It's perfectly possible to have a sim running on a gamepad (ArmA 2 did it on the 360, and Op Flash :DR and RR on both current-gen consoles) with things like Op Flash's command wheel. On top of that, you've get a far more realistic rate of turn than the spin-on-a-dime you get with a mouse - now I'd like to see someone move like that for real with full kit and webbing ;).
Persistantthug  +   1026d ago
@Axe99.....I actually agree with you.
Realistic sim, using a hyper-unrealistic input device for control.
CaptCalvin  +   1025d ago
Because the majority of console gamers that I know just can't deal with M+KB controls?
FamilyGuy  +   1026d ago
They should just include one of those roll-up/flexible usb keyboards in the box and charge an extra $10. PS3 supports usb and bluetooth keyboards, PS4 should as well. Doing this would be the easiest way to get the game on consoles.

Would console gamers actually WANT to play this though? I'm not all that into simulators.
Qrphe  +   1026d ago
They wouldn't, it'd be kb+m support just like other games do.
DaReapa  +   1026d ago
The ARMA series (save for CWC) has controller support with custom configuration. No reason as to why they could not implement that same structure to PS4. And as others have stated, it's almost a certainty that the PS4 will utilize KB&M controls. Granted, I'm enjoying the A3 Alpha at the moment, but I see no reason why others can't enjoy an experience rarely found on consoles if the opportunity is there.
g2gshow  +   1026d ago
They will just streamlining it's been done before this is not the first PC to Consol shooter
thebaultdo   1026d ago | Spam
Razgriz383  +   1026d ago
Just plug in a Keyboard and Mouse...Can already put a keyboard in your PS3 so I don't think it would be a stretch to add that kind of functionality to the PS4.
NewMonday  +   1026d ago
the controls are to complex
vulcanproject  +   1026d ago
The point of ARMA is that is a heavy duty sim. If you need your shooters less complex you are well catered for let face it, so let ARMA do its own thing.
NewMonday  +   1026d ago
not complaining, just saying why it wont likely come to consoles.
hennessey86  +   1026d ago
I think they are complaining
because they really want to play arma, but are phased by the complexity of the controls. I dont think it would do the game much harm to be released on consoles with a few of the none essential commands gotten rid of.
papashango  +   1026d ago
Arma is Arma because of the complexity of the controls.

It's a very niche title made popular by DayZ.

Most fps gamers don't ever consider playing Arma. The ones that do are heavily teamwork oriented and older I've noticed.
DeadIIIRed  +   1026d ago
The same thing would happen to the game that happened to Op Flashpoint
THC CELL  +   1026d ago
Planet side 2 will come
dkgshiz  +   1026d ago
Given that its a sony title yes it most likely will.
Pintheshadows  +   1026d ago
I was thinking that Sony would be stupid not to include it as a day 1 f2p release. It is SoE afterall and I think it would be a big draw.
papashango  +   1026d ago
I'm very confused as to why Sony has not announced PS2 for the PS4.

But then again it may not look it but PS2 requires some power in the cpu dept. Not sure if the ps4 could handle that.
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towelie1288  +   1026d ago
i disagree
PS4 cpu is not capable of running planetside 2
not with thousands of players shooting each other and all with those badass graphics
sorry i dont see it happening but maybe they might come out with a dumbed down version i guess, maybe limiting the amount of players and gameplay wont be as smooth also there are way to many buttons for planetside 2 not enough on a controller

the cpu just to run Planetside2 on PC's smoothly and playable is way better then what the ps4 cpu is but they may come out with a separate ps4 version
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MariaHelFutura  +   1026d ago
PC and consoles don't work in the same way. We really don't know what the PS4 can or can't do at this point.
thehitman  +   1026d ago
I just looked at the system reqs for it and the PS4 would more than handle the optimal requirements. CPU is the kind of the most non-factor component in video games. CPU handles physics, effects, shaders and cinematic. Everything else is GPU and 8gb of gddr5 is more than sufficient.

Optimal Recommended System Requirements
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel i5 processor or higher AMD Phenom II X6 or higher
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 15 GB free
Video Memory: 1,024 MB RAM
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 500 series or higher / AMD HD 6870 or higher
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
oof46  +   1026d ago
I think this tweet all but confirms, without actually saying it, that Planetside 2 is console bound.
KwietStorm  +   1026d ago
Badass graphics? The game is fun as hell, but.. No. No, no, no.
pixelsword  +   1026d ago
@ towelie:

I hate to say this, but take a look at oof46's comment and be ready to sit down with me and have a gourmet meal of Creme' de la Crow with Miss Sassafras's Mississippi Humble Pie for dessert.

I thought the PS4 was incapable of doing PS2 as well; but like he said, that all but confirms it.
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MysticStrummer  +   1026d ago
I think PS4 is quite capable of running Planetside 2, but that tweet doesn't prove much. There are several existing games he could be hinting at, not to mention any new titles we don't know about yet. PS2 would be great, but so would an updated DCUO or EQOA.
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trenso1  +   1026d ago
if my two year old macbook can run ps2 im pretty sure sony can get it to run a ps4
alessandro10  +   1026d ago
Planetside 2 Director told ign on a interview something like.....
"Yes it wont run on the ps3 because we built this engine from the ground up so simply it wont run but it might be running on something else"

so i think its obvious Planetside 2 on ps4 its a no brainer, also the game it done by sony computers
#4 (Edited 1026d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
josephayal  +   1026d ago
I'm going to assume that are talking about current gen (PS3/360) not PS4/720
Npugz7  +   1026d ago
That's a huge disappointment! I would have loved to play Arma 3 on PS4 with some buddy's. Oh we'll I guess!
NastyLeftHook0  +   1026d ago
good news for sony, arma 3 would best be on pc. ps4 a maybe with m and k.
#6.1 (Edited 1026d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MoonConquistador  +   1026d ago
Let them announce MAG 2 before we even go chasing this lol.

I long for the days of an easy to get into domination match on MAG. Don't think I'll ever get my platinum for it now
MysticStrummer  +   1026d ago
Yeah I hold out hope for a MAG2 also. There's still nothing else like MAG on consoles.
solar  +   1026d ago
What lazy developers.

cyclindk  +   1026d ago
Of course the game wouldn't really resemble the PC ARMA experience faithfully, but they could, just for the sake of extra profit, make a cut-down console version with standard fps controls.

Lord knows there are gonna be more than enough shooters though, so no worries there.
sourav93  +   1026d ago
I'm not particularly bothered about Arma 3, though I know many people love the franchise and will get it on PC anyways. Just give me DayZ on the PS4 and I'll be happy.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1026d ago
console players aren't really into this types of games anyways but sure it would be nice to see something like Arma on PS4.
Salooh  +   1026d ago
I am if it need skills and teach me new things :)
#11.1 (Edited 1026d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Apocalypse Shadow  +   1026d ago
just add mouse and keyboard support for ps4.


just use sony's new controller for voice commands.that would kill the need to press all those buttons that newmonday posted above.

why the need to push all those buttons if you can just add accurate voice commands.should be standard on pc already.and this is next gen gaming we're talking about.95-98 percent of those could be spoken.
#12 (Edited 1026d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
fransgurse7o   1026d ago | Spam
kingduqc  +   1026d ago
Console can't handle complex games because of the controller they have.
jocomat9  +   1026d ago
maybe the touch pad can offer more complexity?? who knows
SITH  +   1026d ago
Although I agree the controls for Arma 3 are significant and exceed a game controller capability to execute them, apparently no one remembers Operation Flashpoint on the xbox.
Amigaengine  +   1026d ago
"Bohemia Have No Plans To Bring ARMA 3 on The PS4, Praises Sony"

Is the PS4 DOOMED ? :)
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1026d ago
No you are doomed
Raoh  +   1026d ago
That's sad, arma series would be great for playstation.

as for the many many controls. It can be done by a combination of double presses, pressure sensitive presses, and if anyone ever played everquest online adventures, there quick menu maps that can be done via the dpad. I used to work magic with my elf bard on eqoa and it had a ton of commands.
IK IR Y IP T  +   1026d ago
No where in that article did is say arma was coming to console some games need to just stay on pc
Sideras  +   1026d ago
Yeah, Arma would be a pain in the ass on consoles. And Bohemia aren't exactly the devs to streamline the shit out of their games just to cater to everyone.
Although I don't get why consoles just don't support mouse and keyboard, like what's stopping them, the Dreamcast had M/K support.
Triggytrolls  +   1026d ago
I play Arma 2 wasteland using a 360 controller, I still have to use a keyboard for some things though.
MuhammadJA  +   1026d ago
Arma 3 is too much for console gamers it will flop.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1026d ago
console gamers dont care. Its not a loss
pissed999   1026d ago | Trolling | show
imt558  +   1026d ago
Sony, buy Bohemia!:p
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1026d ago
Not a loss if it is not coming to consoles. In fact its their loss because the people who can play this game are the one's who have the money to build a PC capable of playing this in the highest settings. with PS4 many can play it because it is cheaper than building a gaming PC.
TechnicianTed  +   1026d ago
I'm sure they'll be ok, without your help.
aliengmr  +   1026d ago
ARMA on consoles, that's funny.
urwifeminder  +   1026d ago
Its a demanding game I don't think consoles could run it smooth enough its so amazing though playing last night.
laurenkathleen   1026d ago | Spam
ChrisBoogie17  +   1026d ago
Why not just use voice controls for the lack of buttons the gamepad has. Also make Kb/M an option.
ATi_Elite  +   1026d ago
Thank You Gaming Gods!

I don't want my beloved Arma 3 watered down like the CRAP Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising!

Arma 3 is NOT a shooter! It's a Military Simulation Game. It's way more realistic, Tactical, and Bigger than Battlefield 3,4,5,6!

It's just as real as you can get without going to Basic Training! It has a High Learning curve and doesn't have the casual gameplay that most consoles games have so yeh it would be a waste of time porting it to consoles.

Arma 3 is a thinking man's Game so therefore us PC Geeks love it. Besides I'm pretty sure I use dam near every key on my keyboard to play Arma 3 so No way it's gonna fit on a controller unless Bohemia Waters it down and cause PC Gamers to RIOT!

Arma 3 another great example of games only a PC can do. If your a consoler and your tired of the kiddie gameplay of COD or want something more realistic than Battlefield then get yourself a Boss PC and step up to Arma 3. I got over 100 hours into the Alpha and it's just amazing.

Arma 3 GO BUY IT! Get to Da Choppa do it do it NOW!
ps3_pwns  +   1026d ago
arma is dumb if they couldnt figure out how to make a shooter use the same amount of buttons as counter strike or other shooters. im sorry but it could easily be done and i doubt pc gamers use half of those buttons and commands. seems overly complicateed for a shooter. tell me what exactly you do different in arma then other shooters that are out. also whats pc devs dont like money yet console devs like from software with darksouls will put there games on other platforms. no wonder pc devs dont make money and no one buys there games because they are dumb. have fun only having 20k people play your game guys.

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