Injustice Delayed for the Wii U

Looks as if the Wii U will be suffering another blow, the game Injustice will be delayed. The game was scheduled to be released on April 19th, but will be pushed back to the 26th. No reason for the delay but this is one of many hiccups in the systems game releases

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PopRocks3591920d ago

My guess? Port issues/bugs that they want to fix up before release. I assume this is their first Wii U project, so I'm surprised the delay is as small as it is.

lilbroRx1919d ago

Also, I could have sworn that this was already posted and that it was only for the U.K. which this article is not stating.

PopRocks3591919d ago

Makes you wonder how a POS article like this even managed to get submitted.

Oh right, it's N4G.

HeroReborn1919d ago

I dont believe this to be true, due to that my copy is in transit from Gamefly since yesterday

Realplaya1919d ago

Damn I know this site is biased against the Wii U but this is crazy. Here is the real delay.

Expected to arrive in the UK this Friday 19th April, Injustice: Gods Among Us has been delayed for the Wii U. The upcoming brawler has been pushed back to the 26th April

Ck1x1919d ago

Its like they don't even put any effort into trolling anymore... Lol
If its fact or fiction just post it, who cares!

Nevers0ft1919d ago

You beat me to it. I was going to point out that it was just delayed for ONE WEEK... In the UK.

No need for drama, I think we'll all "cope" with this utterly devastating news.

yugovega1919d ago

not a big deal at all. gives the game time to be in real gamers hands so we can get real reviews before blowing 60 on trash. aliens anyone?

paul19741919d ago

shame that people read this as it should say delayed in UK, still being released with ps360 in the states! just a shame these people get jobs when they can't even do them correctly.

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