Xbox LIVE downtime due to 'networking misconfiguration during routine maintenance'

Xbox LIVE's outage over the weekend was due to a "networking misconfiguration during routine maintenance", and "in no way related to false claims of hacking the service", a Microsoft representative has told

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Good_Guy_Jamal1950d ago

So Xbox Live does go down for maintenance. . .for an hour. . .and still allows you to log on and play games.

TechnicianTed1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Because Xbox Live isn't allowed to go down for maintenance.

And it holds all our details, and might go down for several months if we don't make sure it doesn't. We must watch to make sure those in charge don't forget.

Septic1950d ago

I wonder how stupid the trolls feel now? Xbox didn't even go down, just some users coukdnt send messages or sign in. Boom, all of a sudden Anonymous are involved, people start praising them and articles in the vein of 'Always online-I told you so' eclipsed any logic or common sense.

kreate1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I didnt make any trolling comments regarding this issue as u can see in my comment history.

But the arguement still stands.
Network going down for whatever reason, whether maintenance or hacking, human error whatever, it still shows that it happens, and it can affect a console that is required to 'always be online'.

If the rumors are false regarding the 'always online' issue w the nextbox, than it nullifies this arguement.

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andibandit1950d ago

but but but...everyone here said it was hack50rz!!!

guess my credit card info is still safe then....

Game4life1950d ago

wheres my free game microsoft?

just kidding

RyuCloudStrife1950d ago

IDK I think there's a coverup

g2gshow1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

When Microsoft is doing maintenance they usually give about a weeks notice and no one can log into the service until the maintenance is done this is a cover up and of course you dont expect them to tell you the truth.Somebody's Repetition is on the line Ida Microsoft
Or anonymous is Lying


P.s. they get paid to much money from Xbox live Subscription members not to have a backup of a backup of a backup for situations like this What are they rookies and who keeps their paying customers in the dark for so long? Coustemers have to go searching the Internet to find out what's wrong. With your service to get answer before they feel good an ready to say something Which is usually after the fact

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ALLWRONG1950d ago

Someone spilled coffee on a keyboard or tripped on a plug and messed up Live :P

cl19831950d ago

More like a tech forgot to check the on/off mode modulator when switching server banks.

bronxsta1950d ago ShowReplies(3)
kma2k1950d ago

Am i the only one who had no interruptions at all?

theWB271950d ago

Neither did I...N4G makes a mountain out of a mole hill. It's crazy how many people want part of their hobby to fail so badly.

Jek_Porkins1950d ago

I was online all day, when I started seeing info on people not being able to log in, I just stayed online the rest of the day, watched Netflix and Youtube on Xbox Live, and got some double XP on BO2.

It was a sign in problem, but if you were already signed in, you weren't affected.

What I learned from this is that people here actually wish, and yearn for Xbox Live to suffer the same fate as PlayStation Network in 2011, which is get hacked, leak personal information, and stay offline for a month.

I cannot believe that fellow gamer's would be so cold, I said the same thing during the hack, it baffles me that some gamer's would take pleasure in other gamer's misfortune, simply because they play on a console that you might not prefer.

I'm glad it was routine maintenance, and's the first ever maintenance that I've ever heard of for Xbox Live, I'm sure they perform it, but maybe just switch people over to another server while they work on the main one, so there isn't any downtime, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

Gamer's should have each others back, united we stand, divided we fall...yes, even gaming can fall if we let it.

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