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Donnieboi1703d ago

I second that! I still have the old Mickey genesis cartridges!

darthv721703d ago

along with world of illusion with mickey and donald. both are fun games.

On a side note, sega will remake this game but they wont remake an arcade classic like thunderblade or galaxy force???

come on Sega, you remade after burner into AB climax. you remade outrun into outrun 2. You remade space harrier into planet harrier (sort of a remake).

Why not thunderblade????

Venox20081703d ago

is it not the same game where Donald was?

Venox20081703d ago

oh, I loved that game.. I hope that they ll make remake of it.. anyway thanks for reply

PopRocks3591703d ago

And hello nostalgia! I'll be looking forward to this.

zerocrossing1703d ago

OMG I loved that game! I used play it a lot with my little brother.

I hope they do justice to the original.

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The story is too old to be commented.