Dragon Fantasy Book I on PS3 & PS Vita Tomorrow

Bryan Sawler // Founder, President and CEO of Muteki Corporation announces his newest version of the game, Dragon Fantasy Book I, coming to the psn this week on the Playstation blog.

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thechosenone1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Looks really good and it's cross buy too? Sold!^^

thought this was pretty cool.
"You can at any time during gameplay go to the menu and swap between 8-bit and “special edition” mode. Both the graphics and audio swap out depending on how retro you want to be!"

porkChop1776d ago

Yeah the Special Edition graphics look a lot better and are easier on the eyes.

Rockefellow1776d ago

Has ANYONE played the iPhone version of this? I still don't have a grasp of how long it is. Is it actually a full-fledged length like the RPG's it's based off of, or is it more of a quick nostalgic romp?

porkChop1776d ago

I remember reading a review that mentioned length but all they said was that it's under 20 hours. They didn't specify if that was story-only, or if it included sidequests and exploring.

Rockefellow1776d ago

Ah! Thanks. That's a lot longer than I expected, really. If the combat's good and the writing is competent, I'll be happy to pick it up on that PS+ discount.

hazelamy1776d ago

looks right up my alley.

but of course, no eu release.

phantomexe1776d ago

I'm looking forward to it as well and think later this year we get book 2. Bring me some old school rpgs. true rpgs