Another 3DS Nintendo Direct Broadcast on 17th April

Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America have both today confirmed their next Nintendo Direct broadcasts for Wednesday 17th April 2013. The broadcasts will run simultaneously and will offer more juicy gossip about the beloved 3DS.

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dedicatedtogamers1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Oh my dayum! Nintendo is really going all-out to show love to the 3DS. Now that the 3DS isn't in troubled waters, they need to begin dedicating Nintendo Directs to the WiiU to help rebuild people's confidence in the system.

I'm hoping for some 3rd party news like SMT4 and MH4, though of course announcing a brand-new games from Nintendo would be nifty.

kirbyu1895d ago

What are SMT4 and MH4?

dedicatedtogamers1895d ago

Shin Megami Tensei 4
Monster Hunter 4

For starters, they're not ports or remakes unlike a lot of recent 3DS games. They also look really good in terms of overall quality.

kirbyu1895d ago

Like recent games? What do you mean? Could you name some for me?

Tewi-Inaba1895d ago

SMT 4 has already been announced for localization and coming this June to the west

MH4 is another story.
I hope there's some news for Bravely Default though

but the most likely things that will happen are M&L dream team date announced and AC:NL date announced and prob some more pokemon stuff

kirbyu1895d ago

Are the Euro and NA versions the same?


3DS is on a roll, a brand new amazing game it seems every month. Fire Emblem EO4 MH3 Luigis mansion. It reminds me of the PSP when it hit its prime and had god of war, valkyria chronicles, kingdom hearts, metal gear close together

AdvanceWarsSgt1894d ago

I think there was a Final Fantasy released in that time period as well. The PSP certainly aged well despite its rather bleak start.