New Features Announced For NHL 14 In Release Trailer

Ea Sports has announced new features for their latest release into their NHL franchise. The EA NHL series is know for its great presentation and simulation to the sport itself. EA Sports is also letting its fan pick who will be on the cover this year, April 22nd fans will be able to vote who will be on the cover of NHL 14! The rest of the details can be found below

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riverstars861832d ago

NHL 14 will be crap if they don't increase the speed of the skating engine. When playing the game with any lag online, the already slow skating is a colossal headache to everybody I know who plays the game.

malokevi1832d ago

Wish they would jump ship for next-gen exclusivity. I'm excited to see how next-gen hockey games look, considering how great NHL 2013 looks...

bohemian 231832d ago

That goal by Kane at the end is nasty!

1831d ago