Star Trek: boldly defying expectations, by looking pretty good | OXM UK

OXM UK: "If there's a worrying pattern that everyone recognises in a PR campaign, it's this: an announcement, followed by a long stretch of game-free silence. We're weeks before the release of Star Trek now and the clear implication is that the combined evil marketing genius of corporate Earth can't think of an exciting way to show off the game. We went to a Star Trek demo expecting an alarming sodden fart of a game. Shock: it's actually rather good. In the looks and sounds department, apart from some unfinished animations, it's spot on. That's thanks to a 100-piece orchestra, and a closer-than-usual working relationship that gave Digital Extremes good access to the moviemakers."

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Bercilak1950d ago

"Coagulate"? lol I think you meant "congregate".

As an English professor once told me, never use a word unless you're familiar with its idiomatic usage.

Otherwise, pretty good article--thanks for the update.