Top Ten Best And Worst Controllers Of All Time Doing a best and worst controllers list was never going to be easy, it’s a touchy subject with a lot of different opinions. At first I asked myself how I could possibly compile such a list when there are so many controllers out there, decades worth of crap not to mention plenty of 3rd party abominations.

My solution was to make a list that focused on the more obvious stuff, ideally things that you would see packed in with some of the more major systems. Also preferably something pretty well known amongst the gaming community, nothing too obscure. Think of it as a list based on some of the bigger names in the games industry.

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1upgamer991773d ago

I did not hate the Dreamcast controller. Xbox controller was the worst, at least for my hands.

NukaCola1773d ago

My favorite:
Wavebird, Duelshock 2, Xbox Controller S

My least favorite:
Xbox original, CollicoVision, Power Glove

iGAM3R-VIII1773d ago

I agree with your least favs but my favs would be the DualShock 4, The newest Xbox controller and the gamecube one

Zhipp1773d ago

The DS4 isn't even out yet. Do you mean DS3?

MaxXAttaxX1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

The Wavebird fit great in my hands up until I started playing games not made by Nintendo. Then the controls start to kinda suck. Buttons can feel a bit stiff, the D-pad was terrible and small. They even had to make an easy-input version of fighting games like CVS2 for the GameCube because of its controls. Yet they have the audacity to hate on the DualShock lol

darthv721773d ago

it isnt a controller. YOU are the controller so that must mean.......

dedicatedtogamers1772d ago

The Neo Geo Pocket Color also had that clicky directional pad. It's the one thing they did that I wished other companies would have copied.

BattleAxe1772d ago

Message to the Author:

Saying that the Dual Shock 3 is one of the worst controllers, means that you have no credibility. Close down your website, you are not worthy.

1upgamer991772d ago

LOL, Power Glove....Yes Wavebird!!! Xbox Controller just never felt right in m hands, like at all.

jadenkorri1772d ago

the ps3 controller is not the worst controller, there are far more worse controllers than the ps3... this guy desperately wants hits... im more sad i gave him one...

insomnium21772d ago

OK not having Atari Jaguar controller anywhere in the article is instafail.

It doesn't look as bad as it feels though. Everyone who ever owned a Jag knows what I'm talking about.

I have a Jag btw. Got it off from ebay just for one game. AvP! That game single handedly justifies the 124 euros I paid for the bundle. One of the best games ever!

NastyLeftHook01772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Dualshock 3 for me.

A the gamecube. and snes.

darkequitus1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )


I have agree 100%. When I use live in the UK, I bought a Jaguar with 4 games for 30GBP. That keypad aside, that controller without a doubt was a pile of dog poo.
I can forgive most things, but a spongy D-pad is an instant failure.

loulou1772d ago

360 controller is my personal fav. the d-pad needs improving though

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3-4-51773d ago

Best: Xbox 360, Gamecube , SNES , 2nd Sega Controller ( small one )

Worst: Original Xbox, PS3 controller.

I can't stand the Dual Shock. It's not designed intelligently.

superterabyte1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Designed intelligently? (see image)

you're chatting shite son.

gobluesamg1772d ago

You're not designed intelligently mothasucka

Root1772d ago

Well your in the minority there because the DS is one of the best controllers out there.

The 360s is nice but it's only really better for first person shooters, the DS is an all rounder controller.

I don't see the complaining now about the DS, everyone was fine with the PS1 and PS2 controller so why hate on it now. I think fanboyism plays a part but even then you can't admit another consoles controller is better...come on.

Yi-Long1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

... I also feel the 360 controller is better for racing games. Better triggers, better analogue sticks, and more comfortable to hold.

The 360 controller IS really really crap for 2d games and fighters though, when they require the D-pad, which is terrible. The DS3 has a pretty good D-pad, so I prefer to buy fighters for the PS3, and racers for the 360.

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1772d ago
Braid1772d ago

I think I like Sixasis controller the most. Before you say "but it doesn't have built in rumble", I'd like to say yeah, I know it and I'm perfectly fine with that as without that component the controller feels as light as a bird.

Even extensive gaming sessions don't give you a wrist hurt, not at the slightest level at all. For that reason alone I love it, and I'm still using the hell out of it over the DS3. I know gamers care about rumble a lot and I'm in the minority here, though.

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jcnba281773d ago

Gamecube controller was my favorite.

WilliamH1773d ago

Most comfortable controller of them all. I loved the clicky triggers.

DivineAssault 1773d ago

i completely disagree with this

3-4-51773d ago

Why though ? With everything? he was pretty spot on with everything.

xabmol1772d ago

Hating on the DS3 Dpad though? I mean, really? I thought that DS1/2/3 controllers have always had the best Dpads around. Next being nintendo.

Kurt Russell1772d ago

Their dpads are better than xbox yes... but most consoles have bettered them since the 80's (apart from gamecube which was absolute arse, and impossibly small). DS3 is an OK all rounder, but it could easily be improved.

xabmol1772d ago

Name one controller that had a better Dpad than a dual shock.

Hm? Me bets the only controllers that you can think of come from Nintendo. Or you'll go with the Sega Saturn one from the article which about 20 people actually owned and used...

MagneticDeath21773d ago

Lol at the PS3 controller sucks.

3-4-51773d ago

It does though.

Analogs are a joke for FPS games

* Rounded tops really ? who thought that one through ?

Lose and floaty ? Who's idea was that ?

Horrible Should buttons ? Somebody ok'd this ?

D-buttons instead of D-pad ?

Worst analog sticks in all of gaming.

Playstation & Sony don't suck. I like them for what they are, but they can do better.

You shouldn't settle for crap.

As an OG xbox gamer I HATED the original xbox controller and I love the 360.

The controller should be designed so that you forget it's there. You should be immersed in the game play and forget your even playing a game.

^ Another reason why Kinect sucks. It actually pulls you away or out of the experience.

xabmol1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I disagree with everything you just said, aside from the L2/R2 buttons.

@UnHoly_One (below)

Why on earth would you want the DS to have staggered sticks?? That shit is stupid. Go buy an Xbox if you want it so bad.

InMyOpinion1772d ago

"Rounded tops really ? who thought that one through ?"

Easy now. On N4G that makes perfect sense. Less grip and precision is a good thing :)

I agree with some of your sentiments. Also, compared to the 360 controller the build quality of the DS3 feels cheap in your hands.

Dmagic1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

the analogs are wayyyy better than 360's i can make perfect "S" on ps3 controller its way more accurate. on 360 it makes "Z" i cant play cod at all on 360 ps3 only .

DOMination-1772d ago

I have to agree with your points except the dpad which i think is easily best of the current gen consoles. The reason why people are hating on ds3 is because times have changed. It used to be the best but things move on and it niw has flaws. This is why Sony hace made radical changes for tge PS4.

Another dualshock problem are the circular ridges around the face buttons (and also the dpad). After prolonged use that thing really cuts into your hand whereas i have to say, the 360 being smooth all over is a great design decision. I cant tell if the DS4 has this but i hope theyve fixed it.

StockpileTom1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

What? I like the loose sticks... I treat the game controller like a precision instrument that it is... if the sticks are too tight it makes making very minute movements difficult.

I know some people personally who dislike the loose sticks but they treat their controllers like crap. They are always a bit heavy-handed using the controllers with about the amount of dexterity you use a sledge hammer with...

T21767d ago

Meh u make some good comments but 360 controller is too fat, heavy , and batteries? LOL

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Killzoner991772d ago

Nice try TROLL. You need to change your profile pic ASAP because it's obvious you have no love for Sony. You're just another troll trying to piss everyone off. Change it today or I will report you.

Lionalliance1772d ago

Why do you have the same icon as him?

MagneticDeath21770d ago

wasnt trolling, i said lol at the fact that the best controller of all time is considered the worst by them. Such a shitty article almost as shitty as an xbox controller.