PlayStation 3 & PS Vita Video Game Releases: April 14th – 20th, 2013

The biggest draw this week is definitely Injustice: Gods Among Us , which pits a cavalcade of DC characters against each other on the PlayStation 3 at either retail or on the PlayStation Network. If you aren’t interested in the new fighter, there’s also Dragon Fantasy: Book I on PS3 and Vita, a demo for Soul Sacrifice, and more.

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alexcosborn1950d ago

Really curious to see how everyone responds to that game.

Wedge191950d ago

Injustice! pretty excited for this one. Hopefully it turns out as good as it looks!

ftwrthtx1950d ago

Injustice looks pretty damn good. Might have to pick that one up.

strigoi8141950d ago

Played it and it feels a bit more mortal kombat..

LostTokens1950d ago

RPG Maker 3 released on PSN? That could be pretty interesting, so long as actually sharing homemade games can be done without too much hassle. ^_^

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