In defence of Metacritic

Blame publishers for the way they use scores, not the site that collects them. Metacritic isn't the problem. If there is a problem with the games industry's use of review scores, then a site which aggregates them is surely a symptom, not the cause.

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givemeshelter1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Reviews are just that. Reviews... from another persons opinion and not yours. If you are the type of person that makes the majority of your buying decisions based on reviews or sites like Metacritic then I feel sorry for you. You should make decisions for yourself. I hate when I see posts especially on this site when a game is reviewed and the score is low or high. You see many say:
"WOW! Great review score! I got to get this game. It's amazing!" OR
"WOW! What a craptastic score. The game SUCKS!"
Both cases the person never played the game.
That's twisted logic...

kevnb1920d ago


I dont care about metacritic, nobody else should either.

3-4-51919d ago

I always read 4-5 professional reviews followed by 5-10 gamer/user reviews, and follow that up with asking questions in Gamfaqs forum.

Yes I know you had to pick through trash to find treasure at GF sometimes but the community is large and alive so you get quick responses.

I combine that knowledge with my own desire or want for a game, think about it for a day or 2 to let the "impulse buy" syndrome where out..

And then I make my purchase.

I like to read at least 2 good and 2 bad reviews so that I get the whole spectrum.

venom061920d ago

the problem truly isn't Metacritc and it isn't with the publishers... it's the fact that the video game industry is the ONLY industry where the opinion of sometimes BIASED reviewers can effect the success of franchises. NO OTHER INDUSTRY IS HELD BY COHONES BY A GROUP OF POTENTIALLY BIASED INDIVIDUALS LIKE THIS.... not the movie industry, not the car industry, not the food industry. Sadly, the "video game reviewer" has the power to write off great franchises (what they're trying to do with BF4) and totally cater to and promote what makes them money from views (CoD)... that's the sad state of the games industry today and the monster is too big to slay at this point. When these "reviewers" go away, the market will determine what franchise stays and which goes. Word of mouth will eliminate the bad ones, just as in the car, movie and food industry. Fanboyism in the video game reviewer industy and reviewers in general is the problem, not Metacrtic.